Life is a miracle
That has principles
A critical look of nature
Portray environmental culture

With the change of season
We need to reason
To check lives’ intricacies
And judge lives’ discrepancies

With the beauty around
When we care to go round
We see nature blossom
To make life awesome

Then we are amaze
As we gaze
To perceive how life is wonderful
And mother earth so colourful

Again we realize
We need not criticize
The Creator’s handiwork
In this entire nature’s framework

Life is a mystery
Embedded in pleasantry
With things we can’t understand
Yet! We are compelled to withstand

By Cecile Enie

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May the ideas never run dry, that is what I will say This is beautiful again

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Whoa! I just wanted to post this poem and reply your last comment just to notice there is already a comment for this post. Wondering, i decided to check then saw the comment as usual was from my bossom friend. Thanks dear and i pray to ever meet your expectations.

Remain Blessed

I see a great potential in your voice and the poems u are writing! Somebody could put them on the song :) Maybe an album... Or a book? How many poems do u have?

Victoria Vorosciuc Project Coordinator "Empowering women to participate in community life" WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

Hi Victoria, Thanks for your interest and appreciation for my poems. Actually i have 32 poems that delve on various societal aspects so i call them societal poems. I have published a handful here at World Pulse, specifically in Voices of our Future, My Journal and Poetry and other Writings. Presently they are with an Editor, But i will be glad if you have some Publishers in mind, so i should be sure to strike a good deal in publishing my poems.

I wish to appreciate you for the wonderful work you have been doing on world pulse. You give me a lot of inspiration especially when i get the meaning behind your words. i would have been missing a lot if i had not join the site to meet people like you. greetings from Cameroon stay best

Hi Scholly,

Thanks for the compliment and well wishes. I must confess i'm flattered. Amazing that, i am from Cameroon yet we got to know each other in World Pulse.

I wish you God's Speed