An urgent environmental problem – global warming Its effects has stem lots of warning For the eminent ecological disaster Is what we need to consider

Consequences leading to global warming Is as a result of man’s doing To meet present needs, humans exploit nature Yet, are destroying resources needed for the future.

It is time to change the forecast of global warming Swift and fair action to tackle climate change are looming Without practicing sustainable development Humanity shall face a deteriorating environment

The ice in the North Pole Shall melt and form a hole While the desert sand Would sink for things to stand

This has left many perturb And solutions are being sort to curb To fight against waste and pollution Reduce, reuse and recycle to bring a solution

By Cecile Enie

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I only wish we would heed to the various calls being made to protect our earth.Now its Global recession something that could have been prevented. Who knows what is next?

As usual Efe you are right, prevention is necessary; but protecting our earth require personal and joint efforts. Who knows what is next? is a good question but we have gotten to an emergency stage that calls for prompt action so as to evade the consequencies and safeguard future disaster.

It is so intense to think of the complex action we need to take to come closer to lessening of the global warming. On that same note, some of these complex actions are somewhat simple: recycle everything possible and not only when we're at home, but if we are eating out and the restaurant does not recycle, bring your recycles home. As well, It is important for us to be aware of just how much energy we use and emissions we send out just by having a light plugged in-not just turned on. As well, car-pooling; eating locally (or at least trying to choose closer sources); teaching our children for the future. If we dedicate ourselves to just these few out of many commitments, a large impact would occur.

You can say that again! and thanks for the recycling tips and advice. Many are still ignorant of environmental habits which would help to curb waste and pollution. If more and more people could be informed and abide by it, then i guess there is hope that the environmental crisis wouldn't get to an explosion stage.

Sincere Regards