I am a woman whom everyone thinks is sad but that may be what they think. I am happy because I am doing what several women of my age in my predicament and in my situation would never think of doing, I am a woman who loves her son that suffers from Spina Bifida!

Everyone thinks that I will abandon him, drop him in a dustbin or run away from home, but I stand beside him like the rock of Gilbrathar while praying secretly and silently that one day I may wake up and find the cure to the ailment that is tearing my home and my life apart.

I love my son to a fault, this love has drove me out to find solution to the strange sickness or learn to live or manage it, this love brought me this far.

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I promise to visit you, to spend a day with Enny and see how hard it is! Welcome lovely woman, I have been expecting you, Together we shall pursue spinal bifida from Africa. Welldone woman, I actually appreciate what you are doing, I never say it is easy, I aonly say God Knew you could and would carry him, that is why he gave you such a heavy load, and a lovely heart. From the bottom of my heart I say I love you.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

The love you have for your son is beautiful where you truly illustrate the statement love is blind. Though most would pity themselves for having a son with such a terrible disease but you on the other hand find yourself lucky. And you truly are lucky with having such a strong relationship and so much son in your life. Furthermore, you have another reason to be happy, for you are the one that is placing importance and need for this developmental birth defect called spinal bifida. Thanks for all the courage and love you bring to both your son and the global community of PulseWire. With hope and gratitude, Carri Pence

A mother is a mother is a mother :)

You are so wonderful. There are very few people who have th capabilty of loving someone for what he/she is and not what u think he/she should be. That applies to parents as well. You are one of those few. And I also see a courageous woman in you, when u say you want to find solution to the strange sickness or learn to live or manage it, you son is lucky.



I may never be able to fully understand your pain but as I write this, I offer a prayer for you and your son. I pray that God gives you and your son the strength that you need to stand this test. I pray that someday you and your son will be free from pain and suffering.



i thank you all for your concern about me and my son i appreciate and love you all May God bless you all i pray that God use you as an instrument to giving eniola better care and God give the strenght to move the good work to a geater height. love u all.


Eradicate Spina Bifida

Hi Eniola

I just want to encourage you that if you still experince this thing ,can you take heart and visit Scoan,See prophet TB Joshua.There is a miracle of healing and restoration awaiting there for you.

I recommend that you trust God and see the man of God.

God bless you.


"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love