One will always think that doing the Fourth week Assignment is the end of meeting these interesting and Intelligent people but after this assignments we can still interact and share ideas as a family, striving for giving a Voice to women. Lets create a page on Facebook or Twitter so that our ideas, strength, weakness and problem solving initiatives will be known, appreciated and use by many others around the globe. I appreciate efforts of all participants for the love and support as well as the facilitators for imparting the knowledge and taking time to remind us of our assignments.

A Big Thank You to U All

I'm gonna miss u

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Hello, I trust this finds you well. you raised a very interesting dialogue. However, I wish t share with you some social sites of PW.

on Facebook, You can connect with Pulsewire at

  1. Pulse wire's pulses

    1. WorldPulse

and on Twitter at Twiter/WorldPulse

I look forward to meeting you on PW on any of the above social network.

Tk care

Stay Blessed



Facebook:Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo Wondieh

Twitter | Instagram: @ZoFem

I will also miss the interaction on Pulsewire. I hope sisters will be as active.. hehe. referring to me.. to write and make their comments even after the application process.

Having a regular assignment to comply really helps. I wish there's some way that can compel us to produce something.

I always look forward to the emails frm Pulsewire. Keep on writing Enny..

Am Blouses _Causes at Twitter. What's yours?


As far as I think our real journey began now........although I learned alot from these four week assignments but looking forward to learn more


Peace Seeker,

It is just the beginning Enny. Be sure that beyond VOF, we are all connected; by our stories, passions, interests, causes, faith, resilience, openness........................................................................................Better days are ahead. Keep writing!

A big hug to you,


Thank you for the suggestions i was thinking about posting these suggestions too after going through some posts of almost saying gudbuyes and miss you etc. and it came to me that its not easy to take us apart now :-) so we will definately go for it.

Diversity is our Strength towards Peace & Harmony :-)

There is a facebook page already started by the pulses from last year and i think a lot more called Pulse wire's Pulses, and i really think that its a great way to keep interacting. Looking forward to hearing all your views there.