Exchange students excitingly speaking in a multitude of languages scurried by. Young women layered in jackets and slacks with pink backpacks chewing gum. Football slogans shouted. This is real Americana. With real green Oregon trees and old red brick buildings.

Walking around the university campus and watching people move past holding cell phones and texting as they walked. Such a hurry, always busy. The flurry of activity of the mind. For me, I needed to slow down too, and so I sat and observed. There was a man with a sign in front of me that read "We Are All Doomed" and another man near him with a sign that read "Jesus Loves You".

Before choosing this spot to sit in I had become willingly caught up in a tide of strange faces and moved with the current of people with backpacks. The Euphoria of Learning in an electric atmosphere of thinking and absorbent minds. It refreshes.

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Hi Erika,

This is a great journal. I love the images and feelings you describe. It takes me back to my days on campus. So much energy, excitement, diversity and knowledge. What university do you attend in Oregon?

I hope you will continue to share your thoughts and experiences with us!

Cheers, Jade