There are quite a number of exciting things about Web 2.0, some of which are:  The most exciting thing about Web2.0 is that it provides a platform for me to interact with women from various parts of the world and share stories as regards to their livelihood and challenges they face and how they have been able to overcome some of the challenges through platforms provided by Web 2.0. like facebook, twitter, you tube and many others.  The other exciting thing about Web 2.0 is that one does not need to be a qualified journalist to become part of the platform.  Another exciting thing is that stories shared are written by women themselves and tell the story as it is.  You are able to meet new people, make friends and engage in dialogue about things that are important to you.

Some of the solutions Web 2.0 brings to global women empowerment movement are:  More women are able to take actions on their negative situations through learning what their friends have done by coming out in the open and by doing so solutions can be found  Through sharing, there is strengthened collaboration and solutions found to the many challenges faced by women.  Expanded networking among women brings a lot of women on board and strengthens their collective voices and results in formation of online communities with similar visions and come up with solutions that suit that particular group.  Many women are able to find solutions to their problems by having their stories read by a wide network of women some of whom may be in right positions with right connections to help solve other women’s problems  Many women are building up their self confidence and getting motivated to face their challenges head on.  Through sharing, women are getting trained and improving on their knowledge and skills These tools can empowering to me in many ways such as:  I will be able to learn what other women are doing in their different locations worldwide and put into practice that which is applicable to my situations in my community.  I will be able to access fresh information and share it with my community as it happens  Positive situations borne out of negative situations helps to motivate those that may have lost hope about their situation and hence I will be able to be motivated by different stories told by different women on the platform and through collective solutions as adopted through the platform.  I will be able to build up on my self confidence and be able to share my stories with people who are ready to lend their ear for the purpose of finding a lasting solution.

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Hello Esnart

I enjoyed reading your assignment and encourage you to continue on your journey through the use of Web 2.0 platforms.

Your confidence will build every step of the way! You are a powerful woman.

Well done


Hi Esnart,

I really like all that you had to contribute to this assignment. You certainly have a good understanding how Web 2.0 can help out. I would love to hear more stories about you have personally used these tools.

Keep up the great work!