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About Me

my name is esther ndihano atosha .
i come from democratic republic of the congo, one of the country known as the crime capital in the world.
Growing up in the environment where :
-being a women is a real stuggle
- A woman who has an intellectual level is to consider as a threat,
-A real definition of women is defined her being under man'authority,
-where people walk upon gopld but loose theirs because of hunger.
-where war is daily melody.

this made me understand that my community needs me .ACTOR OF POSITIF CHANGE, THE VOICE OF SPEECHLESS.

in 2012 i joined ''VIONNER NOT VICTIM'',the first place that introduced me to the

currently i belong to '' MAMA SHUJAA CENTRE '' ..the space that mentoring my vision by introduce me to internet world .Hero Women Rising - Maman Shujaa.
i hold ESTHER WORLD : small club which works in charity.

My Vision

for Drc to be a peacefull country WHERE BEING A WOMEN WILL BE CONSIDER AS AN ASSET.


moral support as well as material is essential for this vision's success . when we work together when we work together, success is certain


i am a leader full of innovations and beautiful suprises . i provide all my potentiel to other's work
intelligence is wealth