About Me: My name is Esther Ebenuwah, I am a Nigerian from the Niger Delta Region. I am the Founder and President of Vista Infinity Initiative, a non governmental organisation that is focused on Leadership, Motivation and Outreach as it concerns the woman, the youth and the child. As an Individual, I am a very positive and proactive mind, I read far and wide, I am more interested on proffering solutions to problems than dwelling on the problem. I have come to realize that you have to understand to be understood, women need support and morale building inorder to step out of traditional and sometimes religious restrictions that does not help them in any way. I believe that life is beautiful and mesmerizing like the butterfly, it could be graceful like the dove and only the ones that have the boldness of a lion and the tenacity of a bull can make a marked difference in our world.

My Passions: Meeting people, reading, thinking.

My Challenges: Meeting people of like minds

My Vision for the Future: Create generations of leaders that will be ambassdors of positive societial change

My Areas of Expertise: Enterpreneurial skill management, writing, creating initiatives.


Hello Sister! yes we have to understand in other to be understood! More grease to your elbow.. Keep reading and thinking!

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!