I have been reading WorldPulse for many years. I admire so many of the women in this community and wish I could contribute as much as some of you do to the future of our world. Unfortunately, I feel there is not much I can or have the opportunity to do at this point in my life. Maybe one day.... I do love to read however, that's why I immediately joined the World Pulse Book Club after registering. I recently read Three cups of tea by Greg Mortensen about building schools in Afghanistan. I enjoyed it very much and will soon probably read Stones into schools where Mortensen apparently continues describing his work. I also have Little princes by Conor Grennan on my book list to read. Has anybody read these? I will write a little review once I've read them. I'm glad to be here!

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Hi EvaMaria,

It looks like you are brand new as a writer of World Pulse - not just an avid consumer. Welcome! World Pulse is a beautiful community to be part of.

I almost don't want to write this as I enjoyed reading Greg Mortensen's books so much, but I think it is worth pointing out that Mr. Mortensen was accused of fabricating many important parts of "Three Cups of Tea," for which he has publicly acknowledged and apologized. You can read more via a simple Google search, but this will start you off:

I'm interested to hear whether you think this matters. (As you can see by the Wikipedia link, he has received tens of awards and even more recognition for his good works on behalf of women in Afghanistan.)

Take care - and keep writing. I look forward to reading you.

~ Maya (Israel)

Thank you for your welcome and for the information you gave me about Mortensen. I had not heard about this, and of course as always I get tired of finding out that there is a dark side to something that is supposed to be simply good! To answer your question if I think it matters, absolutely I do! Honesty is everything. Just as people who give money to charity organizations believing that their money is going to be handled in a good way feel cheated when it's not, I too feel cheated when the awe I feel while reading or hearing about someone's supposedly true story of heroism turns out to be misplaced. It seems so easy nowadays to feel inspired and then later be disappointed when the truth unfolds. It's tiring. However, I believe trying to do really good things in the world today can be very difficult at times, and the fact that someone is trying is better than not trying at all, even if sometimes it doesn't turn out in the best way possible. Even if charity organizations spend people's money in a less than satisfactory way at least they're doing something, they're doing more than most people. Will I read Greg Mortensen's second book now? Probably not...I'm sure I can find some other story which HOPEFULLY is closer to the truth.

I know how you feel. The first book was so inspirational and it was such a downer (for lack of a better word) to learn of this that I was almost annoyed. It takes a lot of searching to be truly inspired these days and it feels like currency is wasted to throw away our trust like that.

What else do you like to read?

~ Maya

I read a lot of different genres, can't say that I have a favorite. Lately I've been having three or four books on my bedside table at one time, of different genres, so I'll always have something for the mood I'm in at the moment. I try to include non-fiction books with the rest that are purely for entertainment. I usually like books that teach me about history, whether it's a fiction or non-fiction book. Knowing the history of the world can sometimes make it easier to understand why and how things have become the way they are in the present day. Currently I'm reading Mark Mazower's Salonica - City of Ghosts. I grew up not far from what is today called Thessaloniki, so it is of personal interest to me. One thing I have found out which I had no clue about was that Thessaloniki used to be a multicultural multi-religion city several hundred years ago when apparently christians, muslims and jews lived together in a relatively harmonious manner. Interesting that they could then but not now. Anyway, I found out about this book while reading Victoria Hislop's The Thread which is a fictional story taking place in Thessaloniki, as it was one of her reference books. I have read all of Hislop's books and love them, highly recommend them!

I was not aware we had a book club on the community site, but have recently promoted a reading list for the staff here at World Pulse HQ ! So I am happy to see there is a book group here, and I will check in often.

I also have always loved reading and have been a member of a variety of book clubs or reading groups.

The world is full of so many wonderful books! It is really quite amazing when you stop to think about it!

I recently completed "And the Mountains Echoed" by Khaled Hosseini....possibly the best book I've read in a very long time. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

I have accidentally read two books by the same author recently, Anita Shreve. Both were excellent, but so very different. It really makes me admire her talent all the more, as the styles and structure of the two books were so dramatically differenct.

(I have mixed views on Mortenson. He did succeed at highlighting some important issues. I saw him speak at Red Rocks in Coloraod before the scandal broke, and I found him to be very inspirational. He quoted statistics that are quite solid and true and helped me to understand women's empowerment in a new way)

I look forward to reading your book reviews and am also glad you are here!

Happy reading.