Today I watched the movie named "Paradise Now." It was good to know about what is going on between Palestine and Israel from the movie.

Just after watching the movie, one student from who has grown up in one of the part of Palestine, West Bank, though now she is studying in Bangladesh in Asian University for Women, shared her experienc living in Palestine where she has seen conflict always since her childhood.

Hanin, her name, showed me a sea in the movie that she was never been able to go and see. What a pain! Really, when we are in our homeland, but we cannot enjoy its beauty, I can understand how Hanin feels about that.

For years after years, the conflict is going on between Israel-Palestine. Conseqently, a wife loses her husband, a sister loses her brother, and a mother loses her son.

We are living in the 20th century and difine this world as a global village. I ask all of you who are reading this writing, is this what we call global village when in a land two communities fight against each other?

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Hi everyone, I just wrote this writing from my feeling after watching the move "Paradisce Now," and after talking to a friend from Palestine.

Warm regards, Fahmida Yesmine Asian University for Women Bangladesh