Today I watched the movie named "Paradise Now." It was good to know about what is going on between Palestine and Israel from the movie.

Just after watching the movie, one student from who has grown up in one of the part of Palestine, West Bank, though now she is studying in Bangladesh in Asian University for Women, shared her experienc living in Palestine where she has seen conflict always since her childhood.

Hanin, her name, showed me a sea in the movie that she was never been able to go and see. What a pain! Really, when we are in our homeland, but we cannot enjoy its beauty, I can understand how Hanin feels about that.

For years after years, the conflict is going on between Israel-Palestine. Conseqently, a wife loses her husband, a sister loses her brother, and a mother loses her son.

We are living in the 20th century and difine this world as a global village. I ask all of you who are reading this writing, is this what we call global village when in a land two communities fight against each other?

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Hi Fahmida,

I have not yet watched Paradise Now - so thank you for reminding me to put it on my list this year. However, I understand your frustration for living in world where such violent conflict continues to separate families, peoples and humans in general.

In fact it is interesting that you brought this up today because just last night I was learning about an organization, Search for Common Ground (, that aims to teach and instill non-violent practices for conflict resolution around the world - including in Israel/Palestine. We have a new member on PulseWire who works for this organization in Sierra Leone.

Frances Fortune

It's organizations like this that bring me hope, as well as institutions like the Asian University for Women - which brings together young leaders like you, Hanin and all of the other amazing young women from your school I've met here on PulseWire - to work together despite your differences in culture, religion or background, to lead our world into a more peaceful and just environment.

It's great to hear your voice again Fahmida - please continue speaking out against injustice and updating our community on your thoughts, studies and experiences.

In friendship, Jade

Hi Ms. Jade, Thanks for your inspiring comments. I am really happy to hear about the organization that works on conflict resolution. I think we need all the people of the world to be together to lead this world to peace and unity.

The young generation shouls raise their voices as well to bring peace in this world.

Sure! I will be writing more on my experience and thoughts in future.

Thanks again. Fahmida Yesmine Bangladesh Asian University for Women

I haven't seen the Paradise Now film that you're describing but I think your comments about conflicted communities are right on. I also believe that the resolution to peace and for peace will come through women. If we put together the right group of women to dialogue on the destruction and the desired outcome, I believe we can bring that global village together.