Sunita, one of the correspondents of World Pulse went to attend a seminar "One Young World Summit" in London. Today in a fundraising workshop held in Asian University for Women (AUW), she shared her experience about how she had to go through hard time to raise money to attend the conference. I was really surprised to hear from her about her hardworking and courage that she made to join the summit. Bravo Sunita! I am really proud of you and glad to be your friend.

Today a workshop on how to do fund raising for individual and as well as for a group has been organised in order to train the students. The guest speaker of the workshop was Ms. Monowara Hakim Al, the president of Chittagong Women's Chamber and the leading woman of women entreprenuership of Bangladesh. She cordially shared her experience with the students and how she coped with situation where women were not allowed to go out of their homes to earn money. She spontantiously talked about different techniques and skills that are required for raising a fund,

After attending the workshop, I am really excited to share with my other friends that women can do everything because every woman has talent. The only thing they need is the support from her fellows. We, alll the women need to take the initiative to raise our voice, to become self-independent. Wish all of you a happy future...

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It's great to read about this workshop which is particularly relevant in your region where women entrepreneurship is still a relatively new concept. Structural and socio-cultural constraints, such as difficulty accessing credit, indeed make it difficult for women to realize their potential as leaders in business.

I'd be interested to hear what lessons you learned from Sunita and Ms. Monowara Hakim Al, as many of our members will find themselves in a similar situation where they face challenges and constraints in starting their own enterprises, whether it be in accessing credit, the negative perceptions of female entrepreneurs, or gender discrimination. I look forward to reading more about the workshop and your ideas about how women can support each other towards independence. Best wishes, Janice