I will make it known now that when it comes to the extremely controversial subject of abortion, I am pro-choice.

Many people would claim that abortion is wrong, that it is "murder". They are free to express those opinions, but they shouldn't try and stop a woman from making her own choice about what to do with her own body. No matter what the situation is, be it rape, incest, a "mistake", or she simply doesn't want it, it is her choice to make. While the fetus is inside of her, it is a part of the woman, and her decision to make. I believe a fetus isn't a "baby" until it is actually born screaming and crying into the world. There is no actual murder involved in abortion, and those against abortion have to understand that it is none of their affair.

One argument against abortion? Of course, put the baby up for adoption, right? While that idea sounds fine from the beginning, you have to think about what will happen to the child put up for adoption. The world is overcrowded as it is; there are orphanages everywhere, countless number of children who sit in these places just hoping for a loving new parent to come take them home to a new life. But what if this new parent isn't so loving? The adopted child could be abused, made into a slave, forced to do terrible things. I've read up on adoption; the process it self is indeed complicated due to a faulty system that has no idea how to care for these "unwanted" children. Can you imagine years of waiting, waiting, waiting? Do you want to entrust that emotional trauma onto an innocent child?

I imagine I sound harsh, but it is how I feel on the matter. Adoption is just as "irresponsible" as abortion. I'd say abortion is the smarter, better choice. A possibly miserable future is prevented, and it is one less gray cloud hanging overhead.

But no, even then, it is not so simple. It's not a matter of walk in, abort the fetus, walk out. There, too, is a sort of emotional struggle involved. It may be what the woman wants, but there will be people who will do their best to make her feel like dirt for her choice. Why do they do this, if it is none of their affair? Do they believe it will change things? Or do they honestly believe that both abortion and adoption are both "simple"? It can't be their right to trample on the choice of this woman, and I find myself incredulous that people would go to extreme measures to suppress the woman's choice.

While I am on the subject, what about cases of underage pregnancy? If a young girl isn't nearly mature enough to handle giving birth, especially if she had been forced into having sex by her boyfriend, a smart choice would be abortion. She shouldn't be "taught a lesson" and be forced to have a child at such a young age. My opinion of a mature age to give birth is at least 25. Anything younger, hey, they are barely an adult. I wouldn't force an adult woman's task on an young girl or teenager. Does it seem fair or right to you? No, you have no say unless it is your body. It brings back to the whole choice of saying. That no means no. "No, I do not want this baby. I cannot handle this now." It her her choice. HER choice.

The world is being more and more overcrowded everyday. It could cause many problems in the long run. That's why I believe it should be known and made safe everywhere, that if any female anywhere does not wish to have a baby, that it can and WILL be her choice to make. That only her voice is said about what to do with her body. Because heaven knows my heart breaks at stories of young girls around the world forced to have sex with vulgar men who have yet to learn of a gender-equality mind, and when they are done, they abandon her, possibly when she is with-child. It is my true hope that a woman's choice will no longer be suppressed.

Please know that I say this not to make an enemy out of anyone, but to show an understanding that no one has the right to suppress what one does with their own body. We are born with a free will, and it shouldn't be crushed because one disagrees.

Thank you for reading.

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This is a controversial topic that I do not really like to discuss but her when there is a subject then there must be some ideas whether in support or against. I am of the opinion that if you are not ready you must not indulge but what of situations when one is forced or raped? What if the birth of the child will continue to be a source of sorrow to the mother? What if the life of the mother is at stake? That the world is over populated does not mean we should deny others the right to be alive because we have the power of their death or lives in our finger tips!

If I feel I cannot carry your child, I will not make unprotected love with you, Yes, I can still enjoy myself without making babies! There are questions without answers, aside religion, abortion is so dangeraous in especially Nigeria that daily girls, women die of it, there are some specialised quack doctors who send unsuspected girls to hell or heaven as a result of abortion, there are pros and cons and I do not blame groups that are not in support.

The bottom line is choice, the life of the woman matters vey much, Thanks for your interest, keep on posting!


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I am pro-choice too. That option needs to be available as medicine is available for the the sick. I like how you say it isn't just a quick stop, that there is a lot involved. Thanks, is is a sensitive subject and it's nice that someone is brave enough to post it. With regards, Aliĝngix

I think one of the reasons this is such a big issue is it is one where they can point only to the woman and accuse her of being evil and murder. It is a way of suppressing woman but done is a way to seem they are not.

My views on it are not main-stream since I believe before anyone has the right to try to stop another woman from having an abortion they must first prove themselves.

I know a lot of religious people will say it is against God's will but deny he has any power with their arguments. I believe if it is truly God's will that the child live the woman will feel it and not do it since I do not believe God/Goddess/Whoever you call them is powerless. I believe if they want to prove that their views are truly that they believe they are serving God they must first fix the things that will effect the child when it is growing to adulthood. If they first fix the Child support system so it is fair and reliable then that is one step. In Alaska the base value placed on a child is $50! So the child is worth one tennis shoe, not even a pair with today's prices! Unless they want me to think that they want this child born so they have a continual pool of cheap labor they must work hard to fix this system and make the male responsible for his children in a real way.

But you notice that is not the issue that is debated and they are so fierce about. It is easy to pick on a woman since they have been oppressed so much they do not fight back and make an easy target for these so-called Christians. I am not against people expressing their beliefs but they do not have the right to force them onto anyone else but people seem to think that if you call yourself a "Christian" it gives you the right to judge and persecute others. I really wish the good and decent Christians would call them to task for this but they don't bother and it just encourages those who would force their ideas onto the whole world to go harder and faster at everyone else.

The issue should be placed on the males who should keep their pants zipped unless they can afford to take care of both the mother and the child. It should be placed on men who rape woman, even their own family members to feel powerful and in control.

I agree a woman has the right to raise her children with her values but it ends there. I do not believe anyone has the right to force themselves onto others but this happens with these so called pro-life people. These people should work together to change the system so it is fair and equitable for all instead of harassing woman and blowing up clinics and pretending they are speaking and doing as Jesus would. I believe Jesus would look at them with compassion but sadness that they have strayed so far from his Truth. He is about Peace and Love but people use him for their own power and control and that is a shame.

But I like that you have spoken about such a controversial subject and that all ideas and opinions can be respected. I can admire a woman who chose not to have one for whatever reasons and am glad she has the freedom to express her beliefs to others. It is only when they try to impose that belief onto the rest of us that I have a problem with it.

Please keep sharing your thoughts and ideas,


Dear Faye's Thanks for your journal. You are absolutely wright. It's a controversial topic some will talk for and other will be against it. But if you asked me my opinion about the 'abortion.' My answer will be neutral. I will not talk from either side without understanding the situation because of reasons behind my opinion.

If a woman is rape and immatured then there is no obligation from me. But in our country Nepal, sometimes women are forced to do abortion after some tests if they came to know that she is going to give a birth to a daughter. We don't have any wright to kill a unborn baby only because she is a daughter. This should be stopped.

we have law about abortion in which case women can do and cannot do. But it doesn't apply. It's just in a paper. Please keep continue writing your thoughts. I love reading your article. Love you

With Love and Regards Sunita Basnet