Love, Compassion and Empathy

Faiza Khan
Posted May 15, 2010 from Pakistan

The greatest emotion one can have for another is compassion, as opposed to the all time favourite, love.

When I think about Compassion, feeling passion for another being, passion of positivity and love, I think of the great gift of giving, the gift of patience with/for another being, another you. I think of how lovely it is when one of we, sees another, as another “me”, and is patient enough with this other being/self to listen, to hear what the other is saying, see, what the other is experiencing in life, and thus understand their experience as though it were your own. That is a true gift of love's light.

To express compassion for another, is to know love, it is to know truth, and thus love. We are miracles of Life, each of us a reflection of light, and thus all an expression of one another. To be able to show compassion, is due to our being able to feel such for self, to love self. Thus, in loving, we are able to express compassion.

I am an aware empathic, we are all empathic, as we are psychic, etc…it’s merely that some of us have forgotten and more over have not received an appropriate education to enhance these natural skills of ours, as we have others.

If I were to compare compassion with empathy, I would say, empathy is the next step from compassion towards complete love.

Compassion is a deep understanding of another’s experience, where as empathy is the feeling of being in the other’s experience. It is more of a subjective experience rather than one more concentrated on the objective. It is a beautifull melding of the two.

Empahty is something we all are, we all do, and like compassion it is merely allowing one’s self to love self enough to assist another you. To give the gift of love to another, by doing all you can to truly understand their experience, by placing one’s self into the other’s place, objectively and subjectively.

Both Compassion and Empathy require LOVE. Both require we be in touch with our intrinsic beingness as a loving person and thus are each an individual expression of the many multi faceted aspects of love.

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  • Pooja Agrawal
    May 16, 2010
    May 16, 2010

    Compassion is a great quality and the most difficult one. I had tries so many times to be compassionate but failed . for me it is the most difficult task. I respect all the compassionate people