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Wendy Stebbins Founder/CEO I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.

I was born and raised in middle east and then at the age of 25 was traditionally married to a man from Quetta six yrs ago . He used to beat me everyday cuz of his parents although it was an arrange marriage. They didnt liked the idea that i can speak for myself. I thought i iwll be able to change my husband so i brought him to islamBad. I started working cuz my husband couldnt keep sane job. I worked hard to pay bills , rent, my fiur yrs old daughter's school fees. My inlaws arre very greedy they asked for money and more money. They arre crazy they have kicked me out of house many times in five yrs but I never left my house and went back cuz i thought my husband will defend me. My in laws have tried to kill me several times when I was pregnant but somehow I survived. And then six months ago something happened I never expected my MIL and husband tried to beat me to death. My FIL was there all the time. I didn't do anything they just hate me for the fact that I can think and I am not a cow like other women in the house. My daughter is studying in a good school and I stand up for myself and her. I tried everything to tell my husband that he was wrong but they blame me for not living like other women in the house. After six months today they have finally spread the word that I am an unfaithful woman, been cheating on my husband from day one and in their family they have a year old incident where a married 18 yrs girl was shot to death for honor killing. No one went to jail. I am afraid they will try the acid attack on me or else will try to take my daughter away from me. Ps pls pls pls pls pls I dun want publicity I just want to escape from here. If anyone from my inlaws know about this they will kill. E. they hate Americans and that is another reason they hate me cuz I have many American friends. I speak for America all the time.i wish to escape Probably to States in Kentucky, I have friends there , an American family who tried to help me before and are willing to help me again.

It sounds like you are in a crisis situation and need to seek safe shelter. Protecting yourself and your daughter from physical violence should be your number one priority. I have searched online for Pakistan women's shelters and resources for you, and here is what I've found.

Bedari is based in Islamabad, and is a nationwide, long established resource-network for women in crisis. For friendly, expert advice you can call 0800-13536. They also have a list of shelter homes on this page: http://www.bedariforevaw.org.pk/shelter.php It looks like there are two in Islambad.

I wish that there was more I could do, but I just do not know. Please keep yourself safe, and let us know if you have other ideas of how anyone can help.


Scott Beck


I am new to World Pulse and saw this ladies message and had no idea what to do or say. So, I messengered several "seasoned" people to tell them about her. While I was sickened, I was heartened that you are on top of these things and I learned a lot from your response to her.

Thank you.

WENDY Stebbins

Wendy Stebbins Founder/CEO I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.

Thank you i will check with them. Although i am not looking for a shelter here in Pakistan. i dun want to raise my daughter in a shelter, looking around women crying and kids suffering. She still believes her father is a super hero. i have never taught her to hate him cuz i fear her little mind will be damaged with negativity.I want to work hard and earn enough to raise my daughter freely like in a HOME. send her to proper school. women in these shelters end up as prostitutes or drug addicts. I dont want to ruin my life and let my daughter suffer.

i need to escape, i dont believe in this country where women are raped and then hanged for being raped, women are killed for honor and no one goes to jail instead every man in the family wants to take the credit of killing the poor woman, where woman like me spend their life serving their in laws and husband are either burnt alive or suffer acid attack on their face and law here asks you sit and wait for your death while such criminals are out there having the time of their life. i dont want to live here. i want to raise my daughter in America where she can think for herself, stand up for herself and live a normal life. where there is FREEDOM of speech and religion. I want freedom to live my life without fear that my in laws will ruin our life.

Besides our Law is way too busy with the Prime Minister's case these days. I am sure i dont have the time or the patience to wait another hundred yrs like other Pakistani women.

Hi again Faiza, I understand that you don't want to live in a shelter for an extended period of time, and that you cannot wait for the slow wheels of the legal system to turn. But please do call that number for expert advice. I'm sorry to say that there is very little that we can do from here, especially if you're looking for advice or help for migrating to the USA which is what it sounds like you're looking for.

Scott Beck

It sounds like you're looking for migrating to U.S.A .On world pulse We strongly discourage people to use it as a tool for Asylum seeker , World Pulse is a place for women to speak their truth and have freedom to express themselves, their hearts & souls - however there is a fine ,freedom that we strive to balance and do not tolerate hateful, blaming or racist language which could defame any country and its people. However, where there is less extreme, we encourage the open community discussion on these topics to mutually grow and educate each other.For your personal motives and seeking refuge for better future in U.S.A you are exaggerating things and promoting more negative image of people and country yet i do agree there are some parts where these things happen in tribal areas and some villages.You are living in ISLAMABAD capital of Pakistan which is the best place to live and you are educated.Please don't use this platform for the asylum seeking .



Dearest Nusrat,

I am sorry if my story has offended you. What sounds like is true i do wish to leave this country and live in USA and there is absolutely nothing wrong in it. If not given the basic human rights one would want to move on. I have a responsibility of a four yrs old daughter with my in laws and husband out there threatening me i am sorry i felt a little scared when i know i shouldnt be cuz i am near the capital ISLAMABAD. wow thats huge!!! i am sorry i didnt know that World pulse only celebrate the successful stories of woman living in tribal areas only. but you have also mentioned that it is a place for women to speak their TRUTH , have FREEDOM to express and yet talk their HEART and SOUL out. Now the grey line between expressing yourself freely and making hateful comments - YES i am sorry i do take the responsibility of being hateful towards Pakistan although earning in Islamabad but living in Rawalpindi.

if i will survive i promise to come back and will share my story of success till then pls do let me know how to unsubscribe from this website.

thank you all for your help.

Faiza, We value and respect your voice. You are welcome to speak your truth here, and I encourage you to start a new journal entry where you can tell us a bit more about your life experience-- your life history, your views and opinions on the current events in the world today, your poetry, your dreams for a future life for you and your daughter-- your heart and soul as you say. However, Nusrat has a point when she says that this isn't the best place to seek assistance with asylum-- it's just not the purpose of the community.

All of that said, please let me know if you would like assistance unsubscribing.

Kind regards,

Scott Beck

Pakistan is a poor country ,with over 19 crores of population ,being a part of under developed country all are suffering some how in some way ,you have right to apply for divorce in court if you are that much scared from your husband and in laws ,now it takes only 2 months to get a divorce "khula" from court you are not going to file a case in supreme court just in a district court . as far as security is concerned i will try some thing to assure the security as my husband belongs from Pakistan army in a rank of major,and have links with strong intelligence departments,once you file a divorce then you can contact me . that is what we can do for you to ensure your security ,Stay blessed