Your Soul Is Gold: Mine it!!!

Posted June 14, 2014 from Montserrat
Your Soul Is Gold book cover
Your Soul Is Gold book cover
Your Soul Is Gold book cover (1/1)

During the past two or three years, while I was writing this book and the other two in the trilogy, I was also working an experiment. As I completed a decent edit of each chapter, I’d send them out so people could read and send me back comments, suggestions and criticisms – I was asking for reviews, basically.

I sent different chapters to different women in different parts of the world, and the fascinating, though not entirely unexpected result was that the women all said basically the same things – no matter where in the world they lived.

So, what I have before me now, is the product of not only my thoughts and ideas, not just my learnings and teachings, but those of many other people – mostly women in different parts of the world.

Please check out the excerpt and leave me a comment. I'd really like to hear your comments.

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