Problems and Challenges

Farah Samin
Posted April 8, 2009 from Bangladesh

I believe that life is like this. We have to do so many things all together. That is sometimes really hard. I know I am losing the connection with "World Pulse" sometimes. As it is really hard, but I know I have to keep pace with everything. I hope I will be able to keep continuation with everything and will show my respected work for as a "World Pulse" team.

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  • Jocelyn Edelstein
    Apr 08, 2009
    Apr 08, 2009

    Sometimes it is hard to balance everything in our lives, especially when circumstance makes it hard to stay connected. I think the beauty of World Pulse is that we are always in each other's thoughts even when there are spaces within in which we cannot communicate as frequently. Much Love, Jocelyn

  • Jade Frank
    Apr 08, 2009
    Apr 08, 2009

    Hi Farah,

    As Jocelyn mentioned, it can be difficult to balance everything in life. However if you need to take time right now for other things in life, do not feel bad about stepping away from PulseWire. We will be waiting for you with open arms when you are ready to come back and once again lift your powerful voice in this community. In the meantime I wish you all the best!

    Warm regards, Jade

  • Ada Ngoh
    Apr 09, 2009
    Apr 09, 2009

    Dear Farah, Do what you have to do and butt every time you can. I am waiting for you.