A student but married, Nazmin Bagum has got A+ in her Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C) board exam 2010 from Amberkhana Girls’ High School and College, Sylhet, Bangladesh. Behind her success the path she underwent was really harsh. She was in a different frame of life just a year ago, Nazmin’s father, a mason, got cancer and became a burden to the family. Her mother, Zohra Begum, had all the responsibility to drive the family alone. She had a dilemma financially about her husband’s cure and her daughter’s education expenses. Meanwhile, there was a wedding proposal for her daughter Nazmin from Middle East. Thinking about the poor situation of her family, Nazmin’s mother thought it would be the wise decision to stop Nazmin’s education and give her marriage to Jamil Ahmad in Jakigong who came from Middle East.

After wedding Nazmin’s new life started with torture, ignorance and misbehaves by the in-law’s family members. Within one year, her husband went to Middle East and Nazmin stayed in her in-laws house. Yet, excessive suffering by her mother-in-law she had to detach from her husband and that house. Inconsolable Nazmin came back home but grew strong desire to prove herself, live with self-esteem. Therefore, she were admit in her previous school Amberkhana Girls’ High School and College. The struggles of her life were not finished yet...

Her admission in the middle of the year in class ten was really a complex procedure for her and for the school also. This time she embraced right people’s hands. Her class teacher Madam Zahida Bagum, my mother, helped with her admission and get her admitted in class ten to get prepared for S.S.C exam. Along with Nazmin’s class teacher, her mathematics teacher used to take care of her with extra attention as well due to her critical condition of life. In one of her television interviews, she acknowledged both teachers and their contribution on her success. Her teachers not only helped her financially but also helped her psychologically to go further. The principal said that she was never been noticed at class as a good student, but her victory really changed his attention. At the end Nazmina has achieved her desire, achieved her goal through her dedication, industriousness and self-confidence. Cruelty of life should not be an obstacle to success because there is only one chance in life to prove self.

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Given her circumstances, life could have turned out very differently for Nazmin. Her courage to stand up for herself helped change the course of her life but without the hands that reached out to her, such as your mother's, she could still be struggling to be heard. I have no doubt that many invisible hands joined together to help Nazmin achieve her dreams and know that many more young girls' lives will be transformed because of those hands. Thank you for sharing her story, Janice

I completely agree with you, Nazmin really had strong desire to change her life. However, there are more girls like Nazmin in Bangladesh are not even getting those helping hands, as a result; they remain deep down darkness and become burden for the family. This view is same as well in South East Asia. Let the world be the helping hands for those.

Farhat, To navigate life without education is much harder than with it, and thanks for placing emphasis on that in your story. Education brings self worth, confidence, and independence where Nazim gained so much from her schooling. I hope you encourage all to pursue their education, where you can be the helping hands in contributing educational needs to many in your community.

Your words are inspiring and I truly agree with you, we should light up all the candles with education.

Thanks for your inspiration, it means so much to me.

Hi Farhat, This is an amazing story. Thanks for writing and sharing it in the journal. I look forward to hearing some more stories from you. Hope your summer project is going well.

With love Umme

It takes incredible courage to break free from such difficult circumstances. While her teachers undoubtedly contributed to Nazmin's success, she first had to choose to fight back against unfair treatment and pursue the life she truly deserved. I am glad she was able to overcome and that she has discovered her full potential. It sounds like nothing will prevent her from being the confident and committed woman she is!

Her teachers, indeed the entire school is keeping their caring eyes for her. She is recently getting admission in a collage to finish two years long HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate.) Hope with her confident and courage and potential, she will shine this time and in every steps of her life.

Thanks you for your comments