When we start to talk about hero, many people think about famous or known people, and they think that hero just can be and be a famous person. However, they do not know that a hero can be a person who is not famous and who is among us.

A person can be hero who is always thinking about others and from whom we can learn something.

Whenever I say hero, just my elder sister, Najla Sabri’s face comes in my mind and heart. Now, all of you may think that because she is my sister that is why she is my hero. However, it is not true, she is my hero because she is a role model in our home, or I can see that she is a model of love, care, peace, happiness, and sacrifices. From her childhood until now she is living for others and among others and even she has forgotten who she is and what she wants. I have never heard from her saying that she wants to do something for herself and wants to have something for herself, but always she asked us what we want to do and what we want to have. As an older sister it can be her responsibility, but as a human it is not her responsibility to ignore her desires and fulfill others desires.

She is like a candle, which burns herself and lights others; that is why, in my previous paragraph I called her a model of sacrifices. Because of our good life, while she was in school she started to do job and from that time she took our home’s responsibility. When she was in school, she had a job and when she went to university she also had a job. Many times opportunities came for her to study in abroad, but she refused it because she knew if she only studies, then the economy level of our family will get worse, so giving us a good life she destroyed her life.

At least I can say that my sister who is sacrificing herself and giving opportunities for others to learn something for is my hero. She is the only one who does not only live for herself but for others as well.

Thanks, Fatima Sabri

Take action! This post was submitted in response to International Women's Day 2011: A Call for Heroes.