When we start to talk about hero, many people think about famous or known people, and they think that hero just can be and be a famous person. However, they do not know that a hero can be a person who is not famous and who is among us.

A person can be hero who is always thinking about others and from whom we can learn something.

Whenever I say hero, just my elder sister, Najla Sabri’s face comes in my mind and heart. Now, all of you may think that because she is my sister that is why she is my hero. However, it is not true, she is my hero because she is a role model in our home, or I can see that she is a model of love, care, peace, happiness, and sacrifices. From her childhood until now she is living for others and among others and even she has forgotten who she is and what she wants. I have never heard from her saying that she wants to do something for herself and wants to have something for herself, but always she asked us what we want to do and what we want to have. As an older sister it can be her responsibility, but as a human it is not her responsibility to ignore her desires and fulfill others desires.

She is like a candle, which burns herself and lights others; that is why, in my previous paragraph I called her a model of sacrifices. Because of our good life, while she was in school she started to do job and from that time she took our home’s responsibility. When she was in school, she had a job and when she went to university she also had a job. Many times opportunities came for her to study in abroad, but she refused it because she knew if she only studies, then the economy level of our family will get worse, so giving us a good life she destroyed her life.

At least I can say that my sister who is sacrificing herself and giving opportunities for others to learn something for is my hero. She is the only one who does not only live for herself but for others as well.

Thanks, Fatima Sabri,

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Hi Fatima,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. Your sister sounds like an amazing woman. You're lucky to have such a loving and giving sibling in your life. My brother is very important in my life, so I can connect with you and the feeling of utmost respect and love we have for our siblings. Family is so important!

I imagine that she inspires you to do great things with your life! I look forward to reading more from you to hear about your dreams and vision for life.

Best wishes, Scott

Scott Beck

Thanks dear Scott,

I am really happy that you read my piece of writing and you give such a beautiful comment. When I was writing it, I did not think that there will be some people to like it or to give comment because I thought whatever I am writing was really personal so others will not be interested in it. However, now from your and others comment I realized that it was not so personal because I believe that if some people have the same stories like me, my story will be social.

I am really glad that your brother is the same like my sister because having these kinds of people is a precious gift from God so we should keep them happy. You know sometimes I feel like am really selfish because I always think about myself and my career. I cannot compare myself to her because a person like her and your brother can b rarely find.

As you mentioned that she must inspire a lot so my answer is yes, she does a lot. Whatever I am studying or wherever is just because of her. Now, I am just because of her and my parents. I did not have courage to come to Asian University for Women and continue my education because i was thinking that I am not intellect enough to study there and my English will not support me to study there; however, my sister encouraged me a lot and brought a confidence on me that I came to AUW.

So that was all about my sister. I want to hear more about you and your brother so if possible please write for me.

Best of luck, Fatima Sabri

Fatima Sabri

Hi Fatima,

My brother is 6 years older than me. Growing up, he was always my inspiration. Because of him, I wanted to learn to read, ride a bicycle, and play sports at a very early age... I just wanted so badly to be able to do what he could do, and to be one of the "big boys". He was there to support me, take care of my wounds-- literally, one time i almost cut through my finger, and he bandaged me up.

When my brother went off to college, and left our family home, it felt like a piece was missing. No more playing basketball until dark, no more help with my math homework, no more brother at the dinner table! I was proud of him to go off and learn and achieve great things as his mind filled with new thoughts and experiences... again, he inspired me to aim for that myself... but, it still left a gap in my life. I still saw him now-and-then, but never enough.

Now, my brother and I are "all grown up", but we still like to play games, joke and support each other. He has continued to inspire me with his unending commitment to his family. For years he worked a 12-hour shift (4pm to 4am!) in order to provide for his wife, their home, their life dreams together. Now, he has (nearly) 2 year old twins (one boy, Elliott, and one girl, Audrey). They are the light of my life! In this new way, my brother continues to inspire me with his commitment, passion and self-sacrifice.

I could go on-and-on about him, and all the learning we've done together. I will leave that for another time, and just give you this glimpse into the lives of one of my HEROES.

Thank you for asking Fatima, it is nice to share this part of my life with you (and everyone on PulseWire). Scott

Scott Beck

Hello Scott, Hope you will be fine and doing well. Your brother sounds a very great and inspiring man. You are really lucky to have such a nice and thoughtful brother, but I should tell that he is also lucky to have you. Now, you may wonder how? When I read your massage, I realized that it is really hard to talk about someone and tell his/her kindness, and the person who know the value of other, he himself is a nice person. You in this world whatever we do, some people does not know the value or they know but they do not want to tell, but if someone like you realize someone’s value and tell, that it is his/her gentleness. Sometimes I do lots of things for others, but in return they act like they did not need those things, and that is the time when I become really upset. I pray that God keep you and your brother always with each other and keep your love and respect to each other. Always be happy and thanks for the writing. With best regards, Fatima Sabri

Fatima Sabri

Hi Fatwaz

Its good to hear from you about your hero, your sister.You know the very same things your sister is doing i am doing them in my family, mama is late and my siblings, we are seven and am the first born. At twenty eight i was left with all these children still am holding on to overcome the ups and downs of life.Fatima know that your sister has a big heart she is a strong woman its not that easy to give away your wealth.I was raised by my untie she was a primary shool teacher and she used to say to me i should make use of what she gives me because she is sharing her chilrens money and that she is sacrificing for me to be the next person.Indeed i am i stood the test of time. Thank you Fatima i feel so encouraged today.



"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

Dear Warona, Thanks for reading my piece of writing and giving comment on it. I am really happy that I found a friend like my sister. I hope you will not mind me calling you as my friend.

You did a great job for your siblings and for your parents, so now I believe that they are all proud of you and thankful to you because that time can be officially gone, but it will never go from their heart and mind.

I am always thinking that it is so hard to live for other, but when I see to the people like you, my sister and some others, and then I think that it can be hard but not impossible. People like is always thinking about others, but believe me because you always did for other, only good thing can happen to you because you are a very good person.

I am really happy to find you and I hear more from you.

Thanks with lots best wishes,

Fatima Sabri

Fatima Sabri

Hi all,

Exactly! In my opinion, as Fatima points out, anyone can be hero. I have had role models from people around me to some public figures such as Mother Triza. In my family, fortunately, I am very luck to possess a wonder family, so I love and admire all of them but my younger sister became the person whom I most admire. Although she is three younger than me, I feel she is quite smarter and wiser than me. Although she does not work in social and development sector, she is an electronic engineer, she really encourage and support me who have a keen interest in humanitarian works. At the university, I studied Information Technology, but late I became professionals in civil society related jobs. Significantly, all my family members support with my choices and she is the prominent one.

With Love, Pollen @ Shwe Wutt Hmon Myanmar

Shwe Wutt Hmon

Dear Shwe,

| am really glad that you are agree with me. As you mentioned even though your younger sister is smaller than you, you admire her, and I think it is the best way to appreciate someone’s kindness. For being a good person all you need is to have a good heart and to treat other with a kindness. You and your sister are really lucky to have each other and can learn from each other.

Thanks and best wishes,

Fatima Sabri

Fatima Sabri