Dream Big, Think Forward, Act Now

Evelyne Onari
Posted April 29, 2013 from Canada

Life is full of inequalities, social injustices and discrimination. What about a world with the slogan: Equality, Equity and Empowerment for All. This is my vision.

I am an educationist, a gender advocate and a development practitioner working with the vision to bring equality, equity and empowerment for all women in my community, and the world. I envisage a society where women and men are given equal opportunities in all sphere of life. I want to see a society where women are not rejected or refused entrance into certain professions simply because they are woman. A society where 1 in 3 women will no longer face the risk of being abused simply because she is a woman. A world where women will not work an average of 14 hours a day but will be able to earn more than 10% of the world’s income and own more than 1% of the world’s property ( UN,2010). I want to see a society where all forms of violence committed against women are exposed and abusers are brought to justice. Finally, I have a vision to see all women becoming more conscious of their sexual and reproductive rights so they can stand to challenge those norms that are barbaric towards them and their children.

My vision is a big dream. It will need time, energy and a lot of convincing for people to understand that everyone has a right to freedom and a right to life. How best can I educate, influence and help my community, society, nation and the world to understand that women must be treated as equals, they must be a given a voice, their stories must be heard, their plights must be exposed for justice to be done. Though it looks like a daunting task, through World Pulse, this vision will be achieved.

Grass root women faced a lot of difficulty in expressing how they feel with regards to issues affecting their own lives. Often they may want to expose some of these issues but unfortunately they do not know how to go about it. Some of them have brilliant stories, wonderful contributions and possible solutions to global problems because they have lived through these experiences and know best how to handle them but the manner and way to make their voices heard is difficult.

This dilemma on how grass root women can tell their stories to the world must be broken.

I want to be a projector for other correspondents. Through World Pulse, I will provide a space for grass root women to share their stories by joining the conversation about issues that concern their well being and that of their children. This will create an opportunity for them to share ideas and learn best practices on how they can empower themselves and increase their voice

I want to be that mirror where grass root women will look through, see their own images, have a reflection about their sad and happy moments and come up with positive reaction for the benefit of all.

I want to be a microscope for other women. Through which, all hidden and barbaric crimes perpetrated on women will be exposed.

I want to be a telescope that sees far and wide into grass root areas which have been abandoned. Here true life stories will emanate and blossom for all to see.

I want to be a motivator by making women understand their rights so that burning magna will come pouring like lava with the aim of breaking cultural and traditional barriers which act as hindrance for women to be treated equally in certain communities

I want to be that transparent lens through which the world will know the plight of grass root women. I intend to use local and national media to create conversation, begin campaigns, and initiate petitions to end all forms of violence against women.

Finally, I want to remain the gender advocate, the educationist and development practitioner by continuing to raise awareness but this time using web 2.0 tools to create documentaries, writing out short plays and stories to reduce the negative perception of women while proposing possible solutions to provide equality, equity and empowerment for women the world over.

Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision

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  • ikirimat
    Apr 29, 2013
    Apr 29, 2013

    Pse tag your article appropriately.

  • Evelyne Onari
    Apr 29, 2013
    Apr 29, 2013

    Dear Grace Thanks for the comment. Please can u help me with that. I thought tagging using 2013 VOF Week 4 IS OK. Is there anything i need to add Felevyn

  • binapatel33
    May 05, 2013
    May 05, 2013

    Thank you Felevyn for sharing your vision with us. You have a lot to do and I know that you have the mind and capacity to reach your full potential. You have a big goal, empowerment is the key to have women break from the traditional cycle and to fight for equality. With that fight, you can win to achieve equality. I know that you can you do it, because you have already began to dream, and plan what you want to do. Now you have to turn the wheels, which I know you will do!!