Hi all. What an opportunity presented to us by pulse wire to share our thoughts!!!!!! The Awid forum 2008 was one of the most inspiring moment for many women, seeing all this hundreds of women ready to learn and share tools they have successfully use to advocate and lobby for women rights and space. The most exciting of the tools is the use of Technology to reach to multiple individuals within a click of a mouse. The ripple effect of technology is something we all have to capitalize on. Many may not access all forms of technology like Internet, but remember the few people who can assess, uses other communication channels like world of mouth to spread the word(word of mouth). Thanks all for being part of this create community. Asanteni

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Thanks for joining Pulsewire! It's exciting you were able to go to the Awid forum, and I share your sentiments about technology reaching multiple individuals. You have also reminded me that word of mouth has power as well. I think I'm going to try some more of that!

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Welcome here msichana.Lots of adolescent girls are here.I'm sure there will be alot for everyone here to share.Any word for their parents? Sometimes we are never sure of how to handle them without breaking the bond!

You asked about my twin sister when we met at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.She's here.Have you seen her? Hunt for her.

I love your energy.Release it here!