Sex Boycott

Felistah Mbithe
Posted May 7, 2009 from Kenya

Yesterday marked the end of on of the most controversial advocacy intervention in Kenya ‘sex boycott. Sex boycott was organized by a coalition of women movements in Kenya, to push the government to focus to National Development agendas.

I have been closely monitoring the events that are taking place in Kenya today. Political games are being played in serious nation issues that affect the grass-root citizens, to that person who voted for change, to that person who need it the most. A Coalition government that is taking Kenyans round and round. Development agendas are been scarified to settle personal political affairs of few rich and non-reformists individuals in government. We all live in fear, scared of what will happen next.

The sex boycott has raised debate in Kenyans sitting and bed –rooms. Some where for, others against. With point of information? That where the debate is.

After serious soul searching and talking to a few women in the community, I realized that there in a very thin line between bed-room affairs and National Development affairs. Bed-room affairs become interesting and worthy celebration to; peaceful and united couples, couples who are not afraid of their children dying of hunger, couples who are sure of a meal and shelter for tomorrow, have a source on income, in an environment where they Is no gun shots and other forms of violence and where people are assured of tomorrow and have a reason and hope for life.

Most of Kenyans are no where near celebrating the bed-room.

This boycott was not about sex the act; it was about the voice of women being heard in a men dominated Kenyan politics and government. The voice of mothers, sisters and aunties crying in solidarity to the government of Kenya to focus on Peace, health and wealth of the nation. It was about bringing to the attention the local and international community of the miseries women in Kenya are facing when there is no unity in the current government.

More need to be done to safe the Mother land Kenya. It needs men and women of wisdom, power and integrity to lead the Nation from the grass root. All women should join hands in solidarity to challenge the men dominated leadership and put them into account. We all need to play our game safe. Change starts with me and you. Women Power

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  • aliĝngix
    May 07, 2009
    May 07, 2009

    A woman's body is her own, and I love that they demonstrated that. It takes a lot of nerve to go against a government, especially when the danger is so real. I admire you power that they all showed, and I hope that these actions will be heard and someday bear the sweet fruit you so long to taste. See you around, and a quiet cheer from the other side of the net, Good Luck.