Introducing myself and my journal

Posted September 29, 2012 from Cameroon

About Me: I am student in BSD , I am 17year Old. i live in mile 16 .I love writing,playing,storytelling. my friend near with me .she want to learn how communicate somebody.It is my pleasure to join worldpluse. Hope top using this platform to sharing my story

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  • mrbeckbeck
    Nov 07, 2012
    Nov 07, 2012

    Hello and welcome to our community! I am sure you'll enjoy being a part of this vibrant network. I am so eager to hear your voice and your story. What is life like in your area? Please, tell us some more.

    If you need some tips on how to best use our platform, please consult the Getting Started Guide here:

    I would also like to invite you to participate in our current Digital Action Campaign. We are collecting stories and recommendations about ending violence against women, and would love to hear from you. Is there a specific way that violence occurs against women and girls that you have seen?

    See more information about how to participate here:

    Thanks for being with us! I'm excited to connect with you and your friends from the Buea School for the Deaf.

    Best wishes,