Where did the women in Abidjan go wrong??????

Frederica Gibson
Posted March 9, 2011 from Ghana

Should women all the time pay the price for things wish are not in our interest? This is a national setback, all the political leaders need to address the demands off it people. Befor Mr Laurent Gbagbo and his crew start feeling that they have accomplished a scored impression,let me pass these few facts, which I know that( she) Mrs Laurent Gbagbo dont know that her husband will end up like many other leaders who have caused war in their countries. How ever...behind every successful man is a successful woman! Madam this is a challenge to you, your women and children are been killed in cold blood, play your role as a feminism act now! The story in Ivory Coast today is relevant, In my view, the women should stand up! women should be more critical to the point.Tell your husbands our brothers, our children,our male friends to stop the killing of our women. Gender justice,must be vigilant. you people are heading to civil war. Is this how the era off the Gbagbo's should end????? To mr Gbagbo what ever your motive is for posing as the knight in shinning armor to defend your people common courtesy dictates respect, and law, you might end up like former president Taylor of The Republic Of Liberia.

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  • Vivian Emesowum
    Mar 30, 2011
    Mar 30, 2011

    I really wish Mrs Gbagbo will hear your voice and plead with her beloved husband. She may be the best person to make the difference in this situation. However, she may have been on her kneel, doing that and the eagle in men will not allow him listen to her.

    Well done sister for your powerful voice for change in Africa and the world at large.


  • Frederica Gibson
    Mar 30, 2011
    Mar 30, 2011

    Vivian, Thanks my dear, Clearly there are no obvious answer to her prays The Issues of Concern to all Women in Africa specific reference to elections,

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