Posted March 8, 2018 from Belgique


This gold sparkled fountain of Gods and Heavens Turned into my direction. It did turn into my direction !

Never in my entire life  I saw something as beautiful  As This !!!!!


After a long life Of longing for the One Cure,… Of knowing that miracles do not exist,… I broke loose!

I threw off my handcuffs and my iron chains,… I threw off the strangling knot around my neck.

I threw off my jailor,…

How foolish one can be,… Thinking this all encompassing curse,... This curse that spanned a million lives at least,.. Could be fought and won by us two, Sister !!

Would you be brave enough,... To tackle this hovering nest of devlish mongrels? Would you slay a thousand dragons in one fight ?

I think not !  I think not !

But silently, quietly and auspiciously A new plan dawned !!

Not I, not You, Sister, slaying the thousands,… Oh no!! But all millions and millions of smaller fighters, Of younger fighters came to volunteer,…

Together, they said,… Together, they said,…

We might, we just might be lucky thís time.

An army of lilliputters and two human Sisters, Against devilish monsters, a thousand at least !!


No one knew that these lilliputters were not what they were,..

They are giants in the make They are giants in the make

Shhht,… Do not under estimate their strength ! Do not !!!


Tomorrow is the fight Tomorrow is the fight

Shhht,… Who is carrying the Amrita? Who is carrying the Ambrosius?

Let us sleep one more hour before dawn breaks. Then all these chains are thrown off,… And our Army  Our Army,.. With the One Cure  With the One cure of Ambrosius, of Amrita,…

We will escape from this nest of demons, This nest of poison that inprisoned us for such a long time,…


We will slay them once and for all !! Even better still:

When we escape, thanks to this wondrous gift of the Gods It is they themselves who will slay themselves,.. They themselves, Yes,…

They will fight each other, They will slay each other, Till the last one dies of its own poison !!!

Thank you Gods, Thank you Heavens for the Amrita, For the Ambrosius, golden flickering nectar of the Gods!!

Thank you Human, Thank you Sister Thank you Giants, and Please forgive us our mistake,…

For you are Giants, Yes you are,.. Maybe not full grown yet,… Hence our mistake,… But heroes and giants you are !!

And was this then this miracle,…? This miracle that could not be ??

Absolutely!! Absolutely !!

Frederike LANKA 12 February 2018

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  • frederike
    Mar 08
    Mar 08

    Written straight from my Heart and Soul,... for all who recognise something in it,... an echo, a voice, a longing,... some Soul,... maybe courage,.. maybe faith,.. maybe the Path to Amrita, Ambrosius,... Grace,...
    I salute you all, I welcome you all,

  • Yes!! Amazing! This bring to mind a quote by China's first radfem named Qui Jin who said "Don't tell me women aren't the stuff of heroes"! Beautiful post. Thank you!

  • frederike
    Mar 09
    Mar 09

    Thank you Dear Jennifer,
    Yés we are definitely the stuff of heroes !!
    Thank you for commenting !