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Frenny Jowi
Posted March 14, 2012 from Kenya
photo courtesy of BBC World Service
photo courtesy of BBC World Service
photo courtesy of BBC World Service (1/1)

The Food and Agricultural Organization has facilitated the 6th World Water Forum. A forum that is solution grounded. From this forum, it is clear that food security and clean water supply are so deeply intertwined.

Yes it is true we cannot do without water, this is one simple concept that however often slips the minds of many. I say this because we know we cannot do without water yet many times our actions tend toward activities that deprive the earth of its water supply.

Think for example, the constantly leaking taps and pipes, wasting water away into the ground. Or the massive deforestation activities carried out by businesses that many times fail to reforest. In Kenya for instance, the forest cover has been declining steadily due to human -encroachment related deforestation at the Mau forest. But even as authorities put an attempt to stop settlement on forest land, politicians were cited on local media inciting the involved residents not to allow the government to evacuate them to non forest land.

The need to protect water catchment areas is always diluted by small political ambitions of a few individuals. The tale is the same in many parts of the world.

Just how serious is water shortage and its impact on food security? The world has seen cliché images starving, withering lives of children. Drought is quite synonymous with water shortage and loss of lives.

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