This winter I am exploring love through embodying the character of love in a collaborative performance piece about being honest and vulnerable with ourselves and each other. Our topics come from our relationship with the earth, the planetary heath crisis and the reflection of that in our human-being communities, and personal relating.

The piece is called Breathe, Love, Know, Relate and we are sisters on a journey to remember who we are and why we are and how we can be.

World Pulse members and friends I am looking for stories about love, I am looking for the meat and juice of why we love as we do and what gets in the way of our loving the earth, other people, ourselves and how do we make peace with love and the pain that comes with love. How do we forgive the darkness it takes to see light?

I welcome any and all stories.

Breathe,Love,Know,Relate is being performed at Open Eye Figure Theatre in south Minneapolis, MN, USA the first two weekends of Feb 2010.