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Growing up, I always dreamt of working in the Orphanage.

On the 30th May, this baby girl is was born. born to a single mum and never knowing her biological dad but bless with a loving grand dad. As a young girl i always wondered what the world will be if all women were kept in the kitchen uneducated. It was quit challenging not knowing my dad but the love my grand dad surpassed all challenges because he played the role of both my dad and grand dad.

    At the age of 16yrs i met with the first challenge that almost shut down my world. Oh yes I got pregnant out of an ugly experience. Darm it was indeed a blow in the face. I knew my life had ended and considered myself as the biggest disgrace ever. I thank GOD for the strong woman that I have as mum who stood beside me through the tough moment.

Oh my GOD is was not an easy thing mocked at by peers, insulted and rejected having to drop out of school. Being a young mum and having to cry thinking all hope is lost. But my grand dad told me,

"Its never going to be easy but only a humble soul can make it"

BIG thanks to my mum and grand dad who where always there to encourage me and take care of the baby. My mum always said "its not the end of the world, if you are determined you can make it".

I went back to school, OH yes i did. It was never easy being a nursing mum and a student. Then I got to meet this fantastic woman Martha Monono Kombe who also held my hand, prayed for me and said

       "Laura you can make, As long as GOD IS ALIVE you will make it so be STRONG"

From then I dried my tear and told GOD. Father you have given me a second change and am not letting you DOWN. With FAITH, DETERMINATION and SUCCESSES as moto I made it BIG.

Yes I made it and in two years despite the ups and downs I had both my Ordinary and Advance Level Certificates. Then I saw myself as a STRONG GIRL. With more encouragemets from people who Believed in me I became more determined to make it bigger.

As a young mum i developed a passion for kids which merged with my dream. Few day before getting into the university, I meet this wonderful kid who was blind, but despite his impaired vision he had a great passion in him and told me he wants to become a teacher someday. Listening to him i could not help but shed tears. This kid marked my life and from that day I feel inlove with the impaired kid.

Because of my love for the impaired kid and my dream to work with orphans I took a Diploma in SPECIAL NEEDS EDUCATION. While I was in school I was oppurtuned to meet this wonderful woman Yvonne Tiandem Adamou founder of Girls Talk Cameroon who inspired me with the story of her life and how she made it to success. Listening to her I told myself "Laura you must make it". In my quest to make it I met this other exta ordinary woman Sophie Ngassa CEO at CYEED who work to STEM up the young girl. Wow it was Mervelous meeting her, she is indeed changing the lives of young girls in Cameroon.

Today I have started achieving my dream and am aiming HIGHER HEIGHTS.

Today I work towards putting a smile on every impaired kid and orphans face.

Today I tell myself

Laura you are STRONG

You are WISE


Today am PROUD because I NEVER GAVE UP

Today I work towards inspiring the young girl, the impaired and orphan kids each day.

If I could make it then young girl YOU CAN

Yes YOU CAN just tell yourself I AM A CONQUEROR

Today I tell the young girl;

Be Yourself

Live For Yourself

Dont Live Your Life To Please Peope

BELIEVE In Yourself.

Now I know the world will be nothing without the EDUCATED WOMAN and I also know NO HUMAN EFFORT CAN MATCH GOD'S DIRECTION.


My Watch Word T.E.A.M





                                                                                         Fudeh Laura


Hi Fudeh:-) Welcome to the World Pulse community! Thanks for sharing your story of strength and determination with us... it will inspire others to get through difficult times as well. Sophie is indeed an inspiration and it's an honor to know her. I'm looking forward to seeing more updates about the great work you are doing.

I was relieved to read that you never allowed any challenge to stop you. Keep on strong. You will get to the top.. I love your spirit my dearest sister


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