The case for kenya is about women and leadership. I must congratulate our government for helping us have a new constitution where in every area of leadership there is the one third gender rule. However the women leaders here in kenya face very challenging situations in their homes from their husbands. Men have been socialised that women leaders are promiscuous. Especially women in politics have been labelled very nasty names.

Being one woman leader i must thank the online sensitization on women issues and groups like world pulse which are consolidating the voices of women together. This has empowered me since i feel so lost and not understood by also my women folk who are also socialised into women being prejudiced in positions of leadership. I feel there is a place i belong and where i can voice my concerns since when you empower a woman you empower a nation.

I have a very strong self belief and i am sure we will make it together by starting sensitization programs on women to change their self denial attitudes and put their own in positions of leadership since women know where it pinches. thanks and be blessed

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