About Me: i am 40 year old female journalist with a journalism carreer spanning 15 years though i started as a cub reporter at the times of swaziland (sunday), i was quickly promoted to senior reporter and asssistand editor of the weekly publication, where i introduced the business section and promoted real women's issues, not just beauty and fashion. in two years i was promoted to be business edior for the sister daily newspaper, times of swaziland. i made an indelilble mark there and was then moved to the general news section as senior reporter, and that is where i was coerced to join government head its weekly publication, swaziland today in 1999. because this publication is housed within radio swaziland, i became intersted in broadcasting, and would offfer myself for mentoring by the seasoned broadcasters. soon i got the hang of it and i ecxelled, and was appointed as joint radio news editor and head of publications in 2009, a poistion i hhmholding till now, which involves producing the weekly newsletter, daily editorial duties as aallaas hosting the live morning news and curret affairs show, letishisako. although when i entered jouranalism in 2006 i was already armed with a degree in mass communication and english from the university of swaziland, i never stopped capacititating myself in various sectiooffsf the media. i attended short courses on reporting on the national economy, national politics, water, health, hiv/aids, climate changeandoevperty alleviation, to name a few. i also have a diploma in development journalism and another one in potohjournalism. however, inspite oahwaat i have achieved, i feel i still have not reached the point where i can say i am the best braodcast journalist ever. no, i have no reached that, ybydy failing to do so, i am in turn failing to effectively manipulate the media to give women a better voice. my shotcromings are more glaring now tha there is new media, wihch is supposed to be opening up more lines of communication. because i do not have the skills to manipulate new media, it means i am denying women this chance that has revotiulonalised the world in terms of information sharing. this course is exactly what i need to be able tot ake journalism to a higher level in swaziland through convergence with other ict and existing news medium, for effective and better communication. although i steeeellel there is room for improvement in my career, i take pride for having recently copmleted my masters degree in leadership and change management from the leets metropolitan university.

My Passions: life long learning.

My Challenges: lack of funding to pursue my studies

My Vision for the Future: to be a well rounded woman journalist who will give women a meaningful voice, not because that is what is political correct, but so that they can be able to reclaim their rightful place in society and contribute to the development of their country

My Areas of Expertise: editing, writing, for both print and radio, photography, live interviews, translations

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