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Posted April 22, 2012 from South Africa

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What's happening with the queers? By Nyx McLean The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, asexual and queeri (LGBTIiAQ) movement tends to get caught up in trying to name itself. And often gets stuck there. Read the full post:

*Liberation Inc. – more reflections from the Awid Forum By Keshet Bachan for GirlsReport;s Blog I spent a full day yesterday focusing on the intersection of feminismi, activism, and Information Communication Technologies (ICTis). And I kept running into the same women (the feminist Twitterati?). And these women were mostly already known to me from my own work on the issue. This worries me a little bit. Could it be that there are so few feminist / female Techies in the world that we all know each other?! Read the full post:

Advocating for a Revolutionary Consciousness By vale First day I got my tag-name as other 2500 women, LGBTi & Queeri, sex workers and so many others that have their own multiple identities. Some of these identities are loved more than other, some have been discontinued, and some other have still to come. So the tag-name printed out my official-registered-passport-identity: name, last name and country. I looked at it and I did not recognize myself, yes indeed my country of origin was correct but I do not almost never use my full name and I do not live in Italy since '94. Then I met few friends and looked at their tag-name and I discover a new country, the country of “Others”. Read the full post:

Last Rescue in Siam: A comedy about anti-trafficking raids in Thailand By Melissa Ditmore Empower Foundation of Thailand has creatively used art and media to promote the rights of sex workers for over 20 years. Empower has collaborated with artists to bring their messages to people in Thailand, in cartoons, in nearly life-size papier mache dolls that are more well traveled than the sex workers they represent, and in their own books. But these have been primarily for audiences in Thailand, including brothel workers, health care workers, policyi makers and the men who love the ladies. Electronic media has enabled their work to reach further. Read the full post:

Thinking about gender and technology By Nyx McLean In South Africa a video recently went viral in which a young woman is gang-raped. This video has re-ignited discussions around gender-based violence within the country, many of these discussions have taken place on social media platforms such as Twitter. Read the full post:

Filtered by the state, inspired by Gita Sen By vale Today Gita Sen said “we are in a fierce vicious unequal new economic world where battlegrounds are many” and a few hours later in the session on “Commodification of knowledge: how increasing access and availability of the interneti had transformed the way knowledge is produced and shared” a participant made us notice that “We were being watched." And it's true behind the gorgeous beauty of Istanbul there is a statei that filters access to the net, a state that does not allow sites to be displayed if they use “certain” words or images. Read the full post:

Anonymize yourself: digital security and feminist practice of technology By vale As the day passed I saw myself surrendering to the fact that there is nothing good in the laziness of a routine that prevent us from thinking about technological abuse that we as women activists can suffer and make the other suffering. When on the 18 we had the feminist tech exchange I understood that I need, I have to anonymize myself. Read the full post:

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