Recently Rebecca mentioned gender issues as being important to her. It seems that if PulseWire is going to focus on women transforming the world they have to understand their role in the transformation. They also have to clarify what role men have in this process.

This is a topic which cannot be treated adequately by the "forum" type of discussion because any insights get sidetracked.

I propose we make a wiki called Gender Issues. Anyone in our Pulsewire community would be able to modify pages, have their own pages, make pages on certain topics and link everything up with hyperlinks

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I would wager that gender is important to everyone here. But gender is a huge huge topic, which encompasses so many varying schools of thought and subcategories. After all, everything in life can be looked at through the lens of gender! Wiki technology is awesome, and I think these blogs do a lot of the same things by allowing us to comment on each other's posts with our opinions and ideas.

It sounds to me like you're mostly wondering about the role men have in gender work. I would encourage you to keep discussing this in your Women and Men Who Get it Group, since that seems like the perfect place to post your specific questions and thoughts about this issue!

I'm going to brainstorm some good books about men and feminism for you to read too, as I've gathered from other posts that you are quite the avid reader!

Thanks for your reply, Rebecca. I made the gender post at 4 AM this morning.

Your reply was very helpful. I had dreams of a wiki like the wikipedia with all kinds of information summarizing discussions from our groups.

Your suggestion is a very practical one. It is do-able, but I need the help of someone like yourself who has really gone into this topic.

I was thinking at 4 AM "I am a man in a group which is centered on women and their discussions. My role is to listen and encourage. Rebecca would be the ideal person to guide us in selecting gender topics (How should I relate to "Macho" men?) which are helpful to the women who are using PulseWire"

I am imagining now some woman in a Kenyan slum who needs to be thinking deeply about her own dignity and how to relate to men - either "macho" men, or men who somewhat understand her problems. PulseWire members should be able to help her, but first, the PulseWire members themselves need to be educated through discussion.

I conclude that you would be an excellent resource person to post from time to time topics in this area. Such questions would be very interesting for the membership.

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Mr.Eugene Frank,

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It sounds like you are a man with many stories to tell. May I please ask you to go to my journal and make a comment on "Say my Name..."? I would like to know the story of your own unique name. Thank you.

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