I just wanted to pass this along. My friend Nelda, who moved here from Mexico 5 years ago is actively contributing her tamale cooking skills to raise money for various causes, and this time it is for Mercy Corps to fund money for medicine. If you love homemade Vera Cruz tamales, Nelda's are amazing (I promise, I am not biased). She has chicken, vegetarian, and vegan options.

Tamal Team's Haiti response fundraiser. Happy bellies, happy hearts, lots of help!

Help us help, order your tamales and/or donate, have a blast eating them and... make the magic become true!

By seeing images and following the actions of great people in the fields, we could not stop thinking how to help Haiti. Immediately, we thought about our last campaign in which we help raising $ 5972.03 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help them help families going through blood cancers and the little campaigns we have been throughout the last year helping other humanitarian organizations.

And we said: well it's time again, to feed the bellies, the hearts of happiness and through that simple action of Tamal making, raise money for all those hundreds of thousand families.

Our goal is to raise $1500.00 by April 30th.

Please join us in this adventure, a small action can really help these families. Just donate or place your Tamal order. Anything, even a few bucks can help.

DONATE DIRECTLY: With your Credit Card or PayPal, Google Checkout, or Amazon Payments at: http://www.mercycorps.org/fundraising/tamalteam and click on the BLUE button. With Check: Send checks payable to "Mercy Corps" to Nelda Reyes & Gerardo Calderon 5315 SW Scholls Ferry Rd Portland, OR. 97225.

ORDER YOUR TAMALES OR CATERING SERVICES - Just REPLY to this e-mail. Veracruz Style Tamales wrapped in banana leafs... Yummy! Call: 503-730-8111 E-mail: neldareyes@hotmail.com Tamales are $24.00 a dozen/bite order They freeze wonderfully and 2 tamales usually feed an adult.

New Menu includes: +Chicken in Green sauce (Tomatillo Sauce) +Chicken in Red sauce +Veggies with Cheese +Spinach and cheese +Black Beans +Vegetables in Red Sauce +SPECIALS: HaitiTamales (delicious sweet tamles made with pinapple) +NEW!: Tamal Bites (24 appetizer size tamal, perfect for your kids and to offer in your parties) WE DELIVER!

From our hearts... Thank you! Nelda and Gerardo Tamal Team

Nelda Reyes