What excites me about web 2.0 I’m most excited about web 2.0 for various reasons first; it’s a tool I can use to get out information through the internet thereby reaching a wide range of audience at a large range within the shortest time. I also find the web 2.0 very useful in socializing and communicating with friends or networks, to discuss social issues, new trends, and other issues that interests me. The web 2.0 platform makes socialization easier, as I can interact faster and quicker with friends in different location anywhere in the world at any point in time. In other words it’s a platform where come to share information and I can be both the reporter and the audience. The ability to broadcast have gone beyond the mainstream media to individuals, I and anyone else can broadcast. All I need is a working phone or computer with internet access and camera, I can make, edit and upload video’s using the web 2.0 platform about issues affecting me or my organization or social issues that needs to be in the news that I feel are under reported or not reported at all, Because the web 2.0 multiplies my reach it’s a cheaper and more interesting means of letting out information.

What solutions you think Web 2.0 brings to the global women's empowerment movement For an NGO worker who is working in the field of women’s empowerment movement, using the web 2.0 as a platform it gives room for conversation and feedback from targeted audience, its multiplies my reach. It creates an avenue or platform for people working in the field of women empowerment to network, interact, share ideas, stories, and build friendship. It also provides an opportunity for one to reach or easily access donors who might be interested in sponsoring projects that empower s women.

How are, or can, these tools be empowering for you? As an individual these tools are empowering for me because they present an avenue for me to post or blog about issues or events that interest me, enabling me to have a voice unlike relying on old media like Newspapers which is often difficult to get a story published and also very expensive. I find these tools, fast, reliable, inexpensive with a wider reach, My stories can get viral without spending money or been a professional media person. I can build friendship with these tools, can friends give information which can be viral.

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Dear Geraldyn,

You have identified some powerful reasons to participate in Citizen Journalism: reaching a wide audience, empowering individual voices, networking opportunities, ease of use, etc. In identifying these benefits alone and sharing these opportunities with friends and colleagues, you have accomplished much.

Knowing little about Nigeria, I would love to read in more detail about your organization. Are you working in a field promoting women's empowerment? How specifically, could you use the Voices Rising platform to promote issues affecting you in Nigeria?

I look forward to hearing your voice in the coming months.

Your sister in the United States,

Jan Askin

Jan Askin

Hi Geraldyn,

I'm glad you find the web 2.0 tools to be helpful. I would love to hear your story about growing up in Nigeria. I grew up in Congo and I'm always interested in hearing about other countries. I understand it has been difficult in Nigeria for a long time. How has that effected you? I look forward to your upcoming posts.

All the Best,