I dream of a day when a woman will never be judged by her social status, but her skills and abilities. I am proud that amid debates and calls for my elopement to the father of my child, I passed my Masters examinations and further penned a dissertation within three months of the birth of my child. Determination and drive is what is behind my motivation. I am grateful that I have managed to put together at least 15 short stories for my collection and over 150 poems, yet to be published. I have brilliant organisational and research skills, I have worked with youth oriented organisations most of them in multi- cultural environments; I can easily fit in. I am pleased with my social commentary page on Facebook which opens me up to new acquaintances. I am inspired by the community at work which works hard to solve the region’s educational challenges and I feel safe when I am home with my daughter. My own personal experiences have pushed me to believe I am not alone in the struggle, maybe I am just strong enough to realise I can stand up and help others in the same quandary.

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Its very true and what we hardly realise is that the first thing that any person or movement against progress starts to chip at is the confidence in that very thing.


Thank you for that

I got goosebumps from reading about your dedication and accomplishments. You are clearly focused and so capable. I think you're daughter is lucky to have role model in you.

Keep shining brightly!