The rocking experience with my Mentor-Kathy Castro

Gifty Pearl Correspondent
Posted July 8, 2009 from Ghana
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Yello People!, I read with excitement Joanes' gossip about her mentor and i muted silently, "you guys wait. the greatest gossip is yet to drop!"

I had a rocking experience with my mentor. I met Kathy Castro in person!!!!!!!!!! right in my country! What a treat!!!!!!!. Halima wanted to find out if she is from Ghana. No Halima, she is from the USA.

It was an honour for me. i am grateful to the PulseWire programme for linking me with such a great woman-mother, friend, coach, dream partner on this life experience journey.

i must clap for those of you who i warned to keep quiet till i drop the story-Jennifer, Sunita, Khush. You did a great job.

Sunita and others are all praying and hoping there will be an opportunity for their mentors to come which i am confident that it is very possible. Ver soon.

I can go on and on but read our connection experience by just clicking this link.

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