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Everything that was ever invented, everything course that was ever a success and every organisation that was ever created first of all started with a dream and a vision. That is a mental picture of what you want to be or the change you want to see.

What is your dream or vision for first of all your life, family, community and generation? What are your unique ideas for realizing this dream?

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I have soo many dreams, waking dreams are my favorite. The one I have dreamed of over the past several years has been for my family to be reunited. In my dreams I feel we never have been apart, and I get soooooooo excited in those dreams and keep faith that one day I will feel the same as when we were all together. I recently had a baby girl the light in my life and all I understand right now. She is so precious. Dear editor, In my dreams my father is with me. We go places and move around the countries but when we are away from each other we always smile when we're not. He is always guiding me and a strong hold when I'm unsure. I always feel safe with him. My father died 9/7/2001 he visits, meeeeee and boy when he does its like flying a kite. Two nights ago as I was putting Audbrey my daughter down, to bed, and she smiled at me in her sleep and I knew just as I went to bed I was a home away from home but my dad spirit kept me safe through the night and I woke and It was true my dream had come true. I feel as though he made it home and for good and bad we were all one. Dad I love you and miss you and I'm not mad because you'r with me.