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Dear Mentors, We are excited to let you know the impact we are making in the lives of girls in Ghana, Kenya, Zambia and Nepal. We salute each and every one of you for your immense support for ‘Train-Coach-Mentor’ Girls Project. We are grateful to the mentors who have successfully started communicating with their mentees across the ocean. Your empowering words and images through letters, emails,cards and phone calls encourage and inspire your mentees to be change agents in their communities.

We also acknowledge that some of you have had a hard time communicating with your mentees -some letters have been lost due to the unreliable post office system in some of these countries. Some emails have also not been replied due to the fact the some of the girls do not have access to the internet and for some of you your emails bounce back. With your support we are working hard to get a clean channel of communication between you and your mentees.

More Girls are eager to hear you! Amidst these challenges we are moving on! Currently there are 22 girls in Kenya, 17 girls in Nepal, 3 girls and 2 boys in Zambia eagerly waiting to hear from you mentors. The challenge? Even though we are about 60 members in this group only 15 group members/mentors sent the information we need to pair mentees with them. If you are still interested and available to mentor a girl but have not yet provided the following information please send it to us via -Name of mentor -Email -Address -Telephone -Country

If you are currently mentoring a girl but you can still mentor another girl, also send us an email and we will pair you with a second girl. If you want to mentor a boy too, tell us.

Share your mentoring experiences with us If you have been communicating with your mentee also share your experiences by posting in this group so we can learn from you.

We are confident that your mentoring journey will make an impact in the life of a girl.


The Greight Team

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This is a great program. I will send you my information to mentor by email.

I was wondering if you have tried using skype with mentors. Are the girls in Kenya near a central facility that has computers and internet?


Thanks Jenna! We have received your information. Currently the girls do not have access to the Internet but they communicate with their mentors via exchange of letters. We also support them by printing emails from ther mentors and also scanning their letters to their mentors. We are exciting you want to be part of this challenging yet empowering journey. We will send you more information soon. In appreciation

Gifty Pearl Abenaab Founder Greight Foundation