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Young leader from Ghana to attend the World’s largest youth leadership summit

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, one of the One Young World (www.OneYoungWorld.com) Counsellors, explains; “We want to see this world a different kind of world. We want to see a peaceful world, a more compassionate world, a caring world and so we appeal to you, please send the best that you have who will be the next generation of leaders.” Gifty Pearl Abenaab has been selected to be just that; one of the best that Ghana has to offer.

Selection as a One Young World Delegate will provide Gifty with the opportunity to attend the world’s largest youth leadership summit. She will travel to London in February 2010 and spend three days discussing six key issues. As well as the 1500 young leaders from 192 countries there will be counsellors to facilitate the sessions. Desmond Tutu, Kofi Annan and Bob Geldof have already committed their support. One Young World will provide a unified voice from the next generation of leaders. Resolutions will be debated, voted on and the outcome being fed back to today’s decision makers.

One Young World is unique. Not only is it the largest meeting of its kind but it is also the first global summit at which all countries will be proportionally represented. Every country in the world has two seats at the conference. The remaining 1116 seats will be filled in proportion to the world’s population. For example, China will have the largest delegation with 259 and India following close behind with 223 however, America will only have 61 delegates. This is just one of the fundamental messages that the next generation will be sending to the, often disproportionately, powerful people of today.

Engaging with young people is a challenge that all large organisations face. Young people often feel disenfranchised, disempowered and forgotten. One Young World is working in partnership with BraveNewTalent.com to break this barrier and find the best delegates.

“One Young World wants to connect the human family and we are so impressed with how people around the world are already making this initiative their own;” commented Kate Robertson, UK Chairman of Euro RSCG Worldwide and Co Founder of One Young World. "Brave New Talent's work delivering the messages about this movement to young people everywhere through social media has built a groundswell of awareness and pro-active support which will ensure One Young World achieves its aims."

A YouTube initiative (www.youtube.com/oneyoungworld) has been launched which provides the opportunity for 20 young people to win a fully funded place at the Summit. WAYN, Facebook, BraveNewTalent and Twitter are also being used to engage with potential delegates and those interested in the aims of the initiative. Over 500 people from 80 countries have already put themselves forwards as delegates and thousands of others are voting, pledging support and discussing the initiative on forums and interest groups.

This 'user generated' leadership programme is the first of its kind and shows how social media can be deployed as an instrument for positive change. "Social media channels are the single most effective route to reaching the next generation’s leaders;” commented Lucian Tarnowski, CEO of BraveNewTalent.com, One Young World’s delegate outreach partner. “By working with the biggest social networks around the world, we are reaching out to millions of young people and giving them an important, integral role in the process, which has never been possible on this scale before. This is like a global search for 1500 young Obamas.”

The current leader board at http://apps.facebook.com/oywcandidates/leaderboard/ gives a fascinating insight into the response to the campaign. The reasons given for taking part are varied, but the common thread is a global vision and a serious belief that positive change is possible. As one candidate from the Philippines commented; “The youth need a real voice in world affairs because the decisions made today by our leaders affect the next generation more.”

Gifty is raising her voice and One Young World will make sure it is heard.

About One Young World One Young World (http://www.OneYoungWorld.org) was launched in Davos and has the support of Kofi Annan, Desmond Tutu and Bob Geldof among others. The initiative aims to use the internet as a way to mobilise young people. One Young World’s social media partner, BraveNewTalent.com, is using the internet to gather together 1500 leaders of tomorrow born between 1984 and 1986, from 192 countries around the world. Inaugural Summit will take place in London on February 8th-10th 2010. Draft resolutions will be formulated by the 21st Century School at Oxford University.

See One Young World in action: • Candidates, voting and sponsorship: http://apps.facebook.com/oywcandidates/leaderboard/ • Discussion board and forum: http://oneyoungworld.wayn.com • Founders, Counsellors and other video content: http://www.youtube.com/user/OneYoungWorld • Futher press resources: http://www.oneyoungworldpresskit.com/

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I am so glad for your nomination!! You are one beautiful voice for Ghana, and you will empower and lighten the lives of many women in your country through this representation.

God bless you for all the good your life will bring to your country. You are an example for many!

Big hugs and the best,


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America www.jap21.wordpress.com

Hi Gifty,

I am so happy that yor were selected to attend One Young World... you and Sunita! How exciting and well deserved. You are a leader for Ghana and for young women every where! Good luck in your fundraising... I know you can do it!

Love, Jade

Hi Gifty

Congratulations!!!! Guess what? Even i have been selected, but i dont have the 3000 euros..i was selected back in August but made no fundraising effort because i didnt really want to ask anyone....dont really know why..but i am sure you will be able to raise the amount and make us all proud!

Love and wishes


Khushbu Agrawal

Khushbu, from what I understand, if you are unable to raise the funds yourself, you can apply to OYW to search for a sponsor for you. You should contact them to see if you are eligible for sponsorship. Saphalhos, Janice

Gifty, You didn't mention this yesterday! Congratulations. Ooh! you are doing so much at the moment. What a great and brilliant chance for you. All the best and much love Tina xx


Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Gifty dear,

Although i am so late, congratulations! You can do it and i like the drive and the raw energy in you.Go for it girl, we are surely proud of you.



We Can Do It! Joannes

Although I have been out of communication here, I am always thinking of you. Now, I see this incredible new development for you and I am absolutely thrilled for you and am honored to know you from afar. I will watch with great anticipation as we learn of your experience at the summit. You are indeed a shining star for the future.

With Love and Admiration,