Introducing myself and my journal: power and place

Sue Gilbey
Posted February 6, 2009 from Australia

About Me: I am a mother and a grandmother and I used to be taught in Women's Studies not to identify myself that way, but now I am proud to do so. I am also a woman with a disability which I acquired 8 years ago. Since then I have actually done more with my life than ever, including travelling to and meeting members of the various ministries in Cuba, attending the Atlanta Social Forum in 2007, a womens peace conference in Bolivia and attending a congress for the poor in Peru. Last year I was selected as the only Australian to attend the World Peace Council in Venezuela. I am passionate about eliminating racism and while I come from a so called developed country we are the only one not to have developed a Treaty with our Indigenous people and we do not have a Bill of Rights. We have a long way to go yet this is what we call being civilised

My Passions: Aboriginal Rights, and all things anti-nuke.

My Challenges: I live in a country that refuses to teach history as it was, but instead white washes everything

My Vision for the Future: a world where respect for all is the key and where women have a greater say about their children going to war

My Areas of Expertise: writing, media, organising, presenting, researching

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