My profession as a Journalist involves using the modern Information and Communication Technology which includes the internet in executing by duties. During one of my sessions on the net I was surfing to look for interactive sites especially those that have substance enough to make me learn from and contribute to and then I came across Pulse Wire which I instantly subscribed to and been come a member.

Soon after receiving confirmation that I had become part of the pulse wire community I was excited and relieved that after a long time I had found a site which was not only interactive but also educative and informative. I immediately after taking time off to read through the moving stories of people from oher communities on issues that affect them and how they where brought out for other to contribute through sharing their experiences or offering advice and support.

I was not only inspired but also moved by the large number of other people like me who where keen to become part of the Pulse Wire community to listen and share views and experiences and operate from a platform which is so comfortable which helps build linkages from the heart.

I am always motivated by what other people share and also knowing that others read through my articles and comment on them which gives me the drive and feel part of the larger community whose aim I believe is to foster change through sharing knowledge and experience which is empowering as well.

The stories brought out and the responses from other concern community members have inspired me so much knowing that people are encouraged to touch one another although they are far apart and thanks to Pulse Wire for making it possible.

This journey fits in my personal vision of using my profession, the tools and my disposal, knowledge and understanding to share ideas, exchange views offer help and bring positive change in the lives of people. My vision also includes sharpening my skills as a journalist, broadening my knowledge and understanding and becoming a better journalist which I am doing by being a part of the Pulse Wire community.


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Dear Gile,

I am so glad that you are finding such connection and empowerment on PulseWire. I would love to know a bit more about you and your personal history-what in your life made you want to be involved in a platform for women? What do you enjoy to write about in your profession?

Kind regards,


"Tell me then, what will you do with your one wild, sweet, and precious life?" -Mary Oliver