I am a mid-career young promising Journalist who in my chosen career has worked actively in the media for both private organizations in electronic, print and online media in the country.

My interest to become a journalist dates back to my primary school days when I joined a book club after I discovered that I was a skilled writer and a good public speaker, which later gave me the confidence to take up a career in journalism. Working as a journalist in a developing country like Zambia has been a big challenge to me but I have been able to overcome the challenges through resilience and love of the job which I believe is a calling. I am also assertive and extremely hard worker who needs little supervision and managed well while working under pressure to meet my deadlines. I have vision to pursue further studies to improve myself and use my profession to influence positive change through the work that I do.

I have in the course of my work written on a number of issues which include human rights, environment, gender, health, good governance and water and sanitation and also worked on a number of projects which include publicizing of national and international events through the production of various media products such as radio programmes, brochures and newspaper supplements.

I use my work as a journalist to influence positive change in society and foster development through communication, interaction and exchange of ideas with different people from different backgrounds and cultures in the course of my duties which has made me a better journalist by the day through embracing divergent views.

I have a vision that one day my community will comprise of people who rise up to the challenge and take up responsibility to use all available avenues including the media to bring out issues that affect them with a view of bring about positive change and fostering development.

I believe that it is possible to live in a poverty free community if issues being brought out to the attention of the leaders using the media especially those that hinge of human development are taken into serious consideration and addressed. Issues like provision of safe water, proper sanitation, access to education, and improved health care for the community and the citizens at large.

I want to be part of the programme Voices of Our Correspondent because it is important to me and will accord me a chance to advance my knowledge share ideas and be part of the other correspondents to bring out issues which affect out communities as a way of finding solutions to improve the lives of those affected. As a correspondent I will strive to bring out issues which affect especially the marginalized in my society in the open thereby contributing to finding a lasting solution and contributing to making a difference.


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I love your vision. It is with vision that the world changes... Without it people get stuck and turn away from their higher purpose!


... but of course, you -- as a journalist -- already know this. I, too, love your vision, and I hope that you continue to speak out in behalf of your community and your country and that the leaders hear you!

Thank you for the post. It was a great read.


Thank you for sharing your vision and I wish you well in using the media in your solutions oriented approach to raising awareness of all these issues, this focus is incredibly important. Best Tina