The newly formed Ethiopian Women Human Rights Alliance has begun a postcard campaign to show Birtukan that the world is aware of her plight and refuses to be silent.

Please gather the support of your families, friends, co-workers, church and/or community groups, etc. and have as many as possible write a simple note of support to Birtukan in prison. For example, Be strong, we are behind you. We are praying for your safe and quick release. Even if she does not receive the post cards she will be able to receive word that people are thinking about her and have not abandoned her.

Secondly, please keep count of the number of cards that are sent so we can use this to publicize the amount of support worldwide for Birtukan. You can report your efforts as a comment on this blog and I can pass along to the organizing group.

This is a simple act which will have far-reaching effect. Please use your networks to work on getting masses of post cards sent out. Just get blank cards that are sold in boxes and have your friends, family, church members, community members write small encouraging notes to Birtukan. Gather the cards so you can mail them yourself.

The address for mailing is:

Birtukan Mideksa Kaliti Prison P.O.Box 2436 Kaliti Ethiopia

You can mail them in bulk in a large envelope if that is easier.

As you know Birtukan has a 72 year old mother and a 4 year old daughter and she is the sole bread winner for this family. Luckily,she has ended her hunger strike but the government has denied the Red Cross' request to visit her. She is in solitary confinement still and she is not allowed to have a radio, newspaper or books to read.

Stay tuned because two more prominent Senators will shortly express their concern and dismay to the State Department.

The grassroots efforts to get the world to focus on this heartbreaking situation is working. Keep up your hard work.

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Hi Gillian,

Thank you for the update and information for joining the Ethiopian Women Human Rights Alliance in expressing support for the release of Birtukan. It's encouraging to hear of this newly formed organization in Ethiopia, where such a need for women's rights is imminent.

I plan to send a postcard today and will encourage those in my network to do so as well. You may consider posting this again in Action Alerts:

Warm regards,