About Me: I am Cowan A.I.B. Gina-Nald from Rivers state with quite an agreeable educational background. I love people and you would wonder what I am talking about. I am intellectually resourceful, passionate about life and its occupants (humans) hurt and would give within and beyond my capacity to ensure the actualization of a person dream; It hurts when I see people lying about helpless, endowed with potentials that are highly needed in the world yet situations, environment, mindset impedes them. I can stand up for myself what about my fellow youths who can't, the children especially the women whose voice is buried by her sorrows as a result of the psychological effect inflicted on her by her tormentors inhumane act. All this and much more makes me fight relentlessly to see the dreams of children come to pass, to put smile on the face of girls and women to help them understand their value and exercise their right. To add my voice to theirs and together we can say NO! ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Let do this together. My esteemed passion for travelling is meeting and engaging with people of the diverse community whose mind align with mine but is not a prerequisite for helping others who might not have same mindset as me. To enhance their vision and help in actualizing their respective potentials. My desires for the effective maximization of people cannot be overemphasized.

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Nakinti B. Nofuru2013 VOF CorrespondentReporter for Global Press InstituteBamenda - CameroonEmail: nakinti@globalpressinstitute.org nakintin@yahoo.com

Dear Ginaldi,

Your introduction is so filled with your passion for humanity and your commitment to be of service. I am moved by your fervent desire to help those who are most vulnerable. Yes, let's do this together! By joining World Pulse you have the opportunity to band together with like-minded change-makers who share your passion to end the suffering and hardship endured by so many. Your voice is powerful and every word and act of kindness has an effect. Thank you for being someone who is motivated and willing to roll your sleeves up and get to work on others' behalf. The world needs your gifts!

Please reach out to others, near and far, whose vision matches your own. Network with those who inspire you and make your voice heard. Share with us what matters most to you, tell us your story and let's help each other stay true to our best selves. Thank you for joining World Pulse!

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______________________________________________________________________________ "I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being." -Hafiz

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