Just when i had fired off a few emails to my Oregon lawmakers about that the fact that the average woman when she turns 65 has lost over 431,000 due to the gender gap, that women still make only 77cents on the dollar that a man makes doing the same job. In 1974 it was 74 cents. We haven't come a long way. Well today our President made a landmark decision to ask lawmakers support legislation to make women's wages the same as mens, and to raise the minimium wage to ten dollars and for the commerce dept to work up a new overtime resolution that allows for more overtime to the average worker. Did you know Texas women take home 82% of what a man makes? And that African American women make 59% and Hispanic women make a mere 45%. Where is the outrage? Wouldn't it help families, children, husbands, and the American family who would put most of that money back into the economy when they spend it. Its about time, companies have gotten away with such inequality for too long. Who wouldn't want their sisters, wives, cousins to make a fair wage for doing the same job a man does? He also asked for Congress to raise the minimium wage to ten dollars Could our country be heading in the right direction? I say its something i have yearned for since i was a young woman back in the 70's. If our President accomplishes just this one thing, what a legacy for his daughters. What a world it would be when equality comes to more than half of the population. I had begun to doubt i would be an old woman still waiting for this feminist goal. Life can be full of little surprises. Bravo! Diane the dide