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Sisters must stay vigilant and keep up the fight, to change the world. Women must support each other, and give each other helping hands Young and old women have to see themselves and try to help in any way we can. So often women give power away and allow men to divide us. Women have to keep supporting organization like worldpulse that empower girls and women. Be a mentor, reach out to your elders or to the young woman who needs help. Hold a hand or write a letter to an old friend. In a world of hurt we can turn the darkness into light. Everyone is watching America. Prove we can break those glass ceilings out there. And love strong and hard. And never give up. Educate yourself and stay free to draw good things to you.Cultivate the humanity inside you. Stay brave dear sisters.

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Hi Girlpower-

We CAN continue moving forward when we empower each other. It is posts such as this one that bring encouragement to World Pulse community members, and we welcome them!

Thank you for sharing these words.

Let us Hope together- Michelle aka: Cali gal Listener Sister-Mentor @CaliGalMichelle Tweets by @CaliGalMich

The world is a much better place when women support other women and girls. Society as a whole benefits. Wherever you are there is a sister that could use some encouragement, and you encouraged me with your kind words. Let's keep the world a beautiful place for everyone by honoring other women.