People with MS have problems with fatigue but an even more intense fatigue is called lassitude.

Diane DeVillers
Posted December 6, 2014 from United States

People with MS have unusual fatigue everyday but lassitude is even more intense. It can interfere with daily activities and give you the feeling like you are walking in mud. It is from the damaged myelin that interferes with the brains function, it gets interrupted and causes the fatigue.

Learn ways to combat lassitude by getting rest, limiting your activities, and saving energy for tasks that require alot of effort. The way i look at it, is that i have a bucket of water or energy that i have each day to use. So i can dole it out ladel full by ladel full during the day. And i have about twelve ladel fulls in that bucket of energy. So one by one i use it during the day and if i get close to being empty i have to rest and refill the cup as my mate calls it.

This article is right, that you can get lassitude even after you first get up, or during the day but as the day goes on it gets worse and worse until you hit a wall. It’s at that time that you must lie down and replentish your energy. I know normal people get tired or fatigued but this is so different. Take my word for it, it’s so real that it can be written all over my face. My mate can tell when i am getting ready to hit my wall of fatigue, and that’s the time when he says as my gate keeper, it’s time to go lie down. But a cool cloth on my head and rest. I may try to fight him but he always wins.

So read this article and see how this new term lassitude enters into the life of the person with MS.

Go to “A song for MS” on facebook and see the site my beloved started where musicians all over the world are posting songs then challenging other musicians to post their song. Its to draw attention to MS and MS awareness. Sweet

20140504 103928 4 300x168 Extreme fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis called lassitude Read about how spirituality can assist us in healing. A woman with MS tells us in nurturing ourselves we can keep in tuned with those around us and find our place in the world.


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