Trump dominates the GOP Debates, to the horror of the party and the public

Diane DeVillers
Posted August 7, 2015 from United States

The GOP debate was enlightening showing how out of touch all ten candidates were on the following issues, women's issues such as when Trump was asked about how he refers to women as slobs, and other demeaning names not one of the other candidates chimed in to stand up for women, Really? they showed how its business as usual, that they are misogynists and downright wanting to keep Washington as the boys club. The remarks about de-funding Planned Parenthood, really? Planned parenthood does more than just abortions (which is a woman's choice by the way) they do women's cancer screenings, they help women and men "PLAN PARENTHOOD" and they give them access to birth control. What century are these candidates in? Te out of touch, tarnished and all of the candidates on the stage had the same old ideas. Trump who an embarrassment to the party, who bullies, demeans, prances around like a chicken with it's head cut off, continues to amaze at his shallowness, and rudeness, did he come up with any plan to replace Obama Care who now serves 16 million more people, who will gladly vote Democrat to save the health care that they now have that give them preventative medicine and access to a multitude of benefits. How dare the GOP still continue to say abolish it. Idiots. It's been the GOP in Congress who have said no to every good or bad idea, who shut down the government and allowed THE TEA PARTY TO ENTRENCH IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Trump is the party of one, himself, he shows the world that some pompous fool can get as far as he has in our political system. Didn't you just cringe when you heard some of his ideas prior to the debate where he toned down immensely due to his handlers. No one what's him to be President, and he was such the focus to the dismay of viewers who really wanted to hear what the other candidates had to say. It appears as if the GOP party was manipulated by Trump to even be allowed to run, let him go to the Independent party, no one will vote for him when it comes down to it, right now all the angry public likes how he pushes people around, minimizes women, insults Hispanic and other people of color. He's a boob. His extremist views show the horrible side of the party. What an embarrassment for the party. I felt sorry for every one of the candidates and I am a democrat. Someone said "It's not what Trump says but how he says it" that's exactly what's wrong with him. No one wants a loose cannon in the White House. The GOP party should disown him.

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