A thanksgiving essay from Michael Larsen

Diane DeVillers
Posted November 23, 2017 from United States
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Happy Holiday Wishes From Author & Author Coach Michael Larsen

The holidays are a time for giving thanks for gifts that go on giving. Each of us is a unique, random, miraculous balance of nature and nurture. A middle-class American life makes it more possible for us than most people on this floating, amazing ecosystem to be grateful for having:

·Friends and family you love who love you

·A healthy lifestyle


·Food, clothing and shelter

·Enough income

·A spiritual practice

·Access to technology


·An inspiring mission

·Fulfilling work with people you like, respect and admire

·A life that is a labor of love

·Access to the knowledge and culture you need and want

·Opportunities for self-improvement

·A community that serves your needs and shares your values

·The ability and chance to create and innovate

·Opportunities to express gratitude with time, money and civic engagement

·Reasons to celebrate

·Daily time with nature

·Reasons to laugh and smile

·A balance between:

* yin and yang

* too little and too much

* desire and necessity

* your personal and professional life

* your time online and off

* analog and digital

* service and self-fulfillment

* possessions and experience

* change and stability

·As simple a life as you can have so you can focus on what has lasting value


May you find this life worth striving for this holiday season and ever after.

Mike Larsen, Author, Author Coach / www.michaellarsenauthorcoaching.com

Co-director, San Francisco Writers Conferen

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